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Halftone Effect

Author: LunaL

Step 1 - Grayscale

When you have opened the image that you want to add the half tone effect to the first step is to make it black and with to be able to use the halftone screen option of Photoshop.


To make your image black and white, go to IMAGE > MODE > GRAYSCALE.


If you're asked to discard color, click OK.



Step 2 - Bitmark

For the second step go to Image > Mode > Bitmap.


You will first get a window asking what method you want to use, select Halftone screen and press OK.


You will get another window where you can set some options for halftone screen, I used a frequency of 400 and set the shape to Ellipse.


You will end up with something like this >


Step 3 - Saving

Only problem when you're done, you cannot save as a jpg file. You can of course save it as a gif.

I just hit *screen shot*and opened the picture in another paint program.

Cut it out and saved is as a jpg there.

Step 4 - More Examples