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Glowing Skin

Author: mizgriz

Tools Needed

  • Graphic editing program with a Gaussian blur effect and layers


Glowing skin is an absolutely lovely effect to add to any render. This tutorial is going to teach you how to create renders with a “glow” effect. And all you need is a graphic editing program with layers and a Gaussian blur effect. Let's get started.


Step 1 - Prepping

First, you need to have saved your render as a JPG. Go into your graphic editing program and open up your render. Now choose the magic wand tool and select the “subtractive” option. Select all the black areas. It should look something like this:


Next, go to the Edit menu. Choose “Copy”. Then choose “Paste as New Document”. Make sure that when you paste your render into the new document that you have the “No Background” or equivalent option selected. We want to make sure that the render is on its own layer.

If you have done this successfully, you'll have a copy of your render to work with that looks like this:


Now, make a new layer and name it “background”. Move it to the back, and, making sure “background” is the layer you just made is selected, choose the fill bucket tool and a color. Fill in the background layer with that color. As you can see, I've chosen black, however, any color will do. After you complete this step, your image should look something like this:


All right. We're done prepping the image. Let's move on!

Step 2 - Getting your glow on

First, duplicate the layer the copy of your render is on. Go to your filters/effects menu. Select “Gaussian Blur” and give it a radius of 10.


It should look something like this:


Then, look at the layer blending mode options and set the layer blending mode to Screen with opacity 60%.


Looking good, eh? We aren't quite done yet. Duplicate the layer that had the Gaussian blur applied to it. Change the blend mode to Overlay with opacity 100%.


It will look quite a bit like that image, but if you don't like that effect, play with it! Here's the same image with the Overlay layer's opacity at 60% and the Screen layer's opacity at 100%:


Step 3 - Closing

Well, I hope that this tutorial was both simple and informative.

Now go out there and make yourself some pretty glowy pictures!