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Fur Filter Hair

Author: Amber

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Photoshop
  • Eye Candy 4000


Learn how to make hair in Photoshop with no drawing skill required!


Step 1 - Make it bald!


First thing you want to do is make your render in Poser. Make your person bald!

Step 2 - New Layer


Next, open your image in Photoshop. Start a new layer on your image: Layer > New > Layer.

Step 3 - Choose Your Color


Now you need to choose what color hair your character is going to have. Our character (Staci) is going to have blonde hair. So we need to choose two colors; one for the foreground and one for the background. Choose a darker shade for the foreground and a lighter shade for the background. This goes for any color you choose to make her hair.

Step 4 - How Big Is Your Brush?


Now choose your brush size. Since my image isn't very big I'm going to use a brush size 17 (airbrush). Choose whatever brush size you feel will best fit the image you're working on.

Step 5 - Now For The Hair...More Or Less...


Now start drawing your hair. We're going to pretend that there is a breeze blowing her hair back. Using your dark foreground color paint the hair on her head. Don't worry about making it look like anything other than a big smudge…the fancy stuff comes later!

Step 6 - And Now For The Light...


Now switch your foreground and background colors and choose a smaller brush (I used airbrush 9) and add a few highlights. Don't cover all of the dark. Now go to Blur > Gaussian Blur > and set it to 4.7 The blur is very important. This prevents stark lines from showing up later.

Step 7 - Oh Now The Fun Begins!


Now it's time to use the fur filter. Go to Filter > Eye Candy 4000 > Fur and use these settings. You can of course change them to fit your own personal image. Be sure your lighting in the fur filter matches the lighting in your image! The lower the curl size the more wavy the hair will be!

Step 8 - Make It Look Natural


Now we need to do some touch-ups so it looks like the hair is actually attached to her head and not just sitting on it.

Using your dodge and burn tool add some highlights, especially around her scalp. Dodge makes light highlights, burn makes dark ones. I'll use a small airbrush size 5. Try to be sure to follow the contours of the hair. Use your smudge tool around her hairline to push it up a bit and make it not so even.

Step 9 - All Done!

And that's it. Try experimenting with different colors, image sizes, lighting and brush sizes and see what you can come up with!