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Freckled face

Author: dorkati

Tools Needed

  • Corel Photo-Paint or other paint program


If you don't want to see always perfect models, you need to some naturalistic feeling. Make some freckles on your character's face.

I have Corel Photo-Paint so I use that in this tutorial, but I think the method is same in any other paint program.


Step 1 - Settings

First of all, open a texture in your paint program. I used my own P4 texture. Choose a darker color than the skin base. (see below)


Select the airbrush. Size 4 if you use for P4, but if your texture is in high-resolution, you can use larger size.

Select soft edges. Open your brush settings docker from window menu (in Corel) and adjust this settings, like on picture below.


Use large spread setting for realistic freckles. You can increase density if you click on orbits.

Step 2 - Painting

If you finished with settings, make 2 line with your mouse (like me) or your pen. From nose to cheek bones. Once to the left, than to the right. On nose will be more freckles, like on real faces. Draw a line to brow and put some flecks sparsely.


It is terrible. Now you need to some refinements. Choose Gaussian blur. Setting is 2 or 3. Or what you want. Try more settings. You can see the different below.


Maybe it would be better if the freckles would be pale. If you want this, set the transparency form 100% to 70%.

Step 3 - Check your work in Poser

Make savings with different settings and check your work often in Poser. Below you can see the results with different settings.


Choose which you like and use it :)

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.