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Fade to Black

Author: Jenn A

Tools Needed

  • Adobe Photoshop 7


Hi all…well I promised something on lighting so here it is…this is something very simple that everyone could do I discovered this after playing around in photoshop and I thought it was a really neat trick…thanks for taking a look…Jenn


Step 1 - Select Alpha Channel

If you saved your original poser render as a .tif or .PSD then you should have an alpha channel. To use the alpha channel you go to the channel tab and the last one should say Alpha. Then you hit Ctrl + click with you mouse…it's very important that you do this together.


Then when you go back to your layers tab everything except for the gray part of your poser image should be highlighted. Then you go to Edit- > Copy or Ctrl+C and the go to File- > New or Ctrl+N…select your image size and then go to Edit- > Paste or Ctrl+V. Now you should have this - >


Step 2 - Adding Background


I only wanted a simple black background but I assume this is possible with a more complicated background as well. It is very important that you position your character exactly where you want her and do all of your postwork (meaning adding hair, clothing, and other props). Since I want something very simple I just paint fill the background with black.


Then I use the select tool and select the layer with my character on it…a dotted lined ring should appear around the figure like so - >


Step 3 - Feather


Now comes the fun part…the wonderful feather tool…which I have just now discovered…lol and I've been using photoshop forever… :) Go to Select- > Feather and use the settings above you can definitely play around with this..the higher the setting the more of the figure that will be faded…the lower the setting the less that will be faded… between 20-50 is a good range to chose from. After doing that you will notice that your dotted ring has changed shape - >


The next thing you do is press Backspace…I usually do this twice but you could do this more or less…again just play with it until you like the results. Now you should have something like this - >


After that all you have to do is merge the layers and do all other postwork you want to do…check out the glow tutorial to receive similar results as the Intro image. I hope I explained this well and it is useful to you…if you have any questions feel free to email me, or you can IM me at Rendo my username is Jenai21.

Step 4 - After Glow Tutorial


Hi all…I just cropped and followed the glow tutorial…and this is the final result.