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Easy Wispy Fog Effect

Author: cowham

Tools Needed

* Adobe Photoshop


Make easy wispy fog in Adobe Photoshop, using only basic filters and layers.


Step 1: Setup Fog

The first thing you need to do is open your render, or background image. (File Menu, Open)

I used a Cyclorama (Heart of the Forest) background render.


Open your Layers Box, (Window Menu, Layers) and make a new layer by clicking on the post it note icon in the bottom right corner.


Also in your Tool Box (Window Menu, Tools), near the bottom, make sure the colors in the two big boxes are black and white. (Clicking on the small boxes to the left will reset them to black and white)


Step 2: Make Fog

Go the Filter Menu, Render, and choose Clouds.



Go to the Filter Menu again, Render and choose Difference Clouds. Run this filter 6 or 7 times. This will make the fog wispy.


Step 3: Alter Fog

Now it's time to alter the fog. Go the Filter Menu, choose Blur, and then Motion Blur. Feel free to move the little slider to change the amount of blur. More motion equals wispy fog. Less motion equals chunky fog.



Now in the upper left corner of the Layers Box, click on the little arrow to the right of the Normal box and choose Screen from the drop down list.


Also, click on the Opacity slider and make the layer more transparent if you wish.


Our altered fog image:


Step 4: Additional Examples

This one only used the Clouds Filter (not with the Difference Clouds)


I used a light blue color instead of white.


I used purple and black to make the fog, which is only on the far background by the clouds and mountains. I used the eraser tool to erase the unwanted fog. You can also select an area and run the filters inside the selection. (Make sure you de-select before running the motion blur)


The blue and purple fogs combined.


I used a light pink and a dark navy blue for the clouds filter.