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Easy 3-D Embellishments from Clipart

Author: cowham

Tools Needed

* Adobe Photoshop 7 or higher


Make 3-D art from 2-D black and white clipart, easily using Adobe Photoshop 7 or higher. Use as embellishments, your own resource kit, web design… the sky is the limit. (Be sure to check the clip art copy right info before you sell anything)


Step 1: Trim the Background

Our Clip Art Image (this is a shape that comes with photo shop)

Any black and white clip art will do.


Use the selection wand from the tool box and click on the white background image.



Now press the Delete (or DEL) key on your keyboard.


This step is not required, but helpful if done first.

Step 2: Separate Black and White

Next we need to separate the black from the white. There are several ways to do this, I find this to be the easiest way.


From the SELECT menu choose COLOR RANGE.


In the new pop up box click on the area you want to add texture too (I choose the white part).


Then in your Layers box, make a new layer. (The icon that looks like a little post it note)

You can open the Layers box, or any other tool from the WINDOW menu.


Step 3: Painting the Selection

Using the Paint tool from the tool box, click inside your selection to paint the area white.


The image doesn't appear to change much, but it does…

Look at your Layers box again.


Click on the little eye next to Layer 1, and that layer is turned off.


This is what our new layer looks like.

Step 4: Adding Texture

From the WINDOW menu, choose styles.


A new tool box pops up, with little colored squares in it.


Notice on the top right corner there is a little circle with an arrow in it. Click on it will bring up a new menu with lots of options. Near the bottom are more style sets you can switch to. In the middle you can reset to the default sets or load more. There are tons of free ones on the internet.

Click on a colored box to apply the style to your selection.


Our layer 2 has also changed. Double clicking the layer will bring up the style control box. There are lots of buttons and knobs to play with, feel free to experiment with them.


Our image on a black background.


Step 5: More Examples

Some more examples using the standard styles.






Please take note that some styles may not appear to do anything when you click them. This is because we used white as our paint color. Some styles will appear differently on black, white, and grey.