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Create a mask for your model

Author: Carole

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop


You need a mask for your character, and want it to be personalized and perfectly fitting your model ? With this tutorial you will learn how to paint quickly a simple mask.


Step 1 - Drawing the mask


After drawing the shape of the mask, select, copy and paste it on a new transparent document.

Step 2 - Give contrast to the mask

Select the shape of the eyes and erase them.


Go into “Image”, “Adjustments” and select “Grayscale”.

Play with Brightness/Contrast, choose about +50 for Contrast.

Flatten the first layer with the layer beneath (Ctrl+E)

(You should have a transparent background and a layer with the mask).


Step 3 - Making the mask more real

Copy and paste the mask on your model.


To give an impression of relief, add a drop shadow effect.

Go into “Layer”, “Layer properties”, and choose the drop shadow option.

Choose a 70% opacity.


Now you should have a mask fitting perfectly your model !

I choose the Phantom of the Opera as an example, because it's quite easy, but you can draw any shape you like for your mask, using this simple technique.

Enjoy !