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Color Me Brilliant

Author: brookekroeger

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • JASC Paint Shop Pro


Poser Postwork Tutorial #2

“Color Me Brilliant”

By Brooke Kroeger Designs'

Using JASC Paint Shop Pro 9

Products used in this tutorial…

JASC Paint Shop Pro 9

Curious Labs Poser 6

Victoria 3 by DAZ3D

Character is “Margot” by Rhiannon found at Renderosity.

Sapphire Fox Hair By Quarker Found At DAZ3D.

Hello again, so glad you could find a minute to spare to play with me a bit and learn about graphics. I am creating these new tuts for “postwork” for poser renders, but you do not have to use them just for that. They are good basic techniques that could be useful for any image. That said….let's begin!

Here is my untouched photo, shrunk down a bit. This one actually rendered well, and is a “usable” image with little cleaning up, but of course… what fun is that? Her clothes are a bit big, the left shoulder is sticking up and her hair is growing into her arm. I fixed those things, but they will not be in this one. Let's save that for another learning tutorial to come!

Today I want to show you how to give your renders “jazz” “spunk” “sparkle” and the “ooooohhhhhh” factor. I was thinking of these things when I named this one. “Color Me Brilliant”…….not that the title fits me! First we are going to work on the “color” part. So many characters we make or purchase have so many wonderful makeup choices and eye shades. But there will always be one or two that when it is all said and done, you wish you could just change _________?


Step 1 - Eye color


Well sometimes you can!

Let's talk about those pretty eyes for a bit. An easy thing to quickly change is the eye color. See, eyes have black centers. Black is not affected by colorization. Thus, as long as you do not select too far over into the white area, you can change the eyes dramatically with simply changing the hue and saturation once selected with the freehand selection function set to a feather of 12.

To select more than one thing, hold down your shift key as you select them. Once you have them both “blinking” like the image above, then we simply click….. ADJUST > HUE AND SATURATION > COLORIZE the following screen will pop up, and you can play with your settings. As long as you have both “eye buttons” on this screen clicked you will be able to preview the changes in your image in the big program screen.

(See Next Screen)

Step 2 - Colorizing Screen


In the screen shot I have selected blue as my color.

I did this just by moving the hue and saturation numbers.

Step 3 - Look at the Colors!


But as you see above, you can choose several different colors and get great effects. Pretty much as long as you stay in the darker jewel tones, this will work with any of them. What fun…..

Step 4 - Adjust the bright


We'll this next part is a bit more trial and error and some images it is a no-go. But you can also apply this effect to your lip and nail images. I especially use the brightness/contrast function on those. It is found here…. ADJUST > BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST > BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST

Step 5 - Adding Some P-Zazz!


Now, let's add some dazzle and glitz to our image!

One of the best tools built into Paint Shop Pro is one that most users do not ever or rarely find. It is the point-tipped sharpening brush. So many think the only way to sharpen is to select an area or the whole image and click “Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen” But wait! I do not want it all to be sharpened. It can turn grainy and too harsh. Hey guys…. it does not have to be that way!!! See the preview below and see where I clicked on a round circle brush that looks like an “O” and says “sharpen” See below to where on the side of your screen to find this. It is highlighted with a red box. Okay, now I have your wheels turning…. This render the pretty jewels in the outfit and the silver trim turned dull and hazy. This can happen, and you can fix it! See the areas where I highlighted my mouse movements in red…. Select a small tip, medium hardness, 75% density and low opacity. You just want to slowly bring back the sparkle. Just lightly brush over all the areas that could use a bit of punch and enjoy the great results.

Step 6 - Finishing Touches, Oh Wow!!


See, this is easy!!

Now, don't forget to go VERY LIGHTLY around the color of the eyes and lips. I do this to every art piece I do. It adds instant life, IMO.

We'll if you know me, you know I love jewels. This outfit has them in the centers, but of course…. I added quite a few too. I open the jewel tubes separate, and then select the one to use. Then copy it, to paste as a new layer in my render piece. Of course you will most likely need to re-size this jewel, and once you do, it might lose some of that sparkle. Use your Sharpen Brush Tool!!!! If I teach you anything today, I want you to be comfortable with this handy trick.

Step 7 - The Finished Project


Here you can see them side by side and see the differences. I added rubies to her necklace and shirt. I also added a soft glow to her skin, which I will be covering in the next tutorial “Born Beautiful.”

In the end I still thought her lips we're too light and I brushed a bit more color on them.

Please copy and paste the link below to view the finished piece at Renderosity

But all in all, I think she glows…and your's will too! There are several other tutorials by me to be found on my website…I welcome you to see if there is something else I can help you with. God Bless and Thank You For Joining Me….


Please do not claim any part of this tutorial as your own, add to your website or use previews with other tutorials.

Do not tube from my work.