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Cloth Painting Technique

Author: Anonymous

Tools Needed

  • Poser 4
  • Photoshop

Step 1 - Painting Cloth


I will not bother you with the creation of the figure and background, but will stay on the cloth subject. The texture used here is “Carly”.

With this image I started the cloth-creation.

Step 2 - Pen Tool


Using the pen tool. I selected the body part that had to be worked on.

Step 3 - Working Path


I then saved this selected area as a working path (window > show path > double-click to save).

Step 4 - Adjust Levels


I selected the path and area.

Next I chose sImage > adjust > auto levels, which gave the white effect.

You can also do this by adjusting the colors and contrast.

Step 5 - Smudge


Next step is easy when you are familiar with hair-painting.

Use the smudge tool (little pointing hand button), and start pulling the white across the selected area.

Step 6 - Highlight


When you are done with pulling the ripples, start highlighting and darkening the area with the dodge and burn tool.

Step 7 - Dodge/Burn


Work on the pulling and dodge/burn till you are satisfied with the result.

Step 8 - Pull Away


Then choose the smudge tool again and start pulling the cloth away from the figure on the background.

Step 9 - Done


And voila, the cloth is done!

Note: in this image I didn't use a new layer to start out with.

I started doing that later.

The layer method has a better result but the above worked okay on this image.

I hope that this tutorial helps you on your way to create natural-looking clothes.