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Demon Eyes: putting the red back in...

Author: serpentis

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro (or similar)

Support Files


Everyone fights to get the red out…and here I am fighting to put some back in!

Some things are just so much easier since the invention of computers and photo manipulation software. Going from normal to demonic is one of them. So you want to take your Poser render (or photograph of your favorite grandma) and turn it from pretty to pretty demented…Read on my friend, it's not as hard as it looks!

What You Need:

A Poser render or photograph

A few textures (I used rust for mine)

Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro (or similar)

Used in this tutorial:

Personal digital photos


Most preview images have been shrunk down to around 500px. Most have larger images that accompany them (@1024×768) Please click on the thumbnail to view the full size image. All images open in a new window. To return to the tutorial at any time, please close the window that opens.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me or contact me at any of the sites I frequent (3D Commune, Renderosity, Poser Pros and DeviantArt), username: serpentis.


Step 1 - And away we go...

Open all of your images in Photoshop. You'll want your original photo or Poser render and the texture(s) that you're going to use further on in this tutorial.

On your main image, mine is the eye, duplicate the main layer. You never want to work on the original layer in case you need to go back to the original for any reason.


Step 2 - Darken those eyes...


The first thing we want to do on the new layer is darken it. To do that go to Image/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast.

These are just the settings I used for my image, yours may be similar, but not identical. It is, however; a starting reference point. A lot of the steps in this tutorial are going to be based on personal preference and what you think looks good.


A preview of what my image now looks like. If you find your image isn't dark enough, adjust the brightness level until you're happy with the darkness.


Step 3 - Put the red back in...


Create a new layer. This will be the “color” layer to make the eyes (or other parts) demonic. In the color picker, pick a nice, dark, deep red color. I used #8F0D0D. You can use the same, or pick a shade that you prefer.

Now color in the eye(s). Don't worry about being precise, it can be fixed later. Set the red layer's layer blend to “color”:


Preview of how my eye looks:


Step 4 - Depth of perception...

Now use the Elliptical Marquee tool to create a perfect circle around the pupil of the eye. If you hold Alt + Shift, it will make a perfect circle, centered around where you start. If you get a little of the pupil in the selection it's no big deal. After you have your circle where you want it, go to Select/Modify/Border and input a border size. The border size will depend on how big your original image is. Most typical image sizes between 10 and 20 should work perfectly.


Now create another new layer and fill the selection with the same red you used to color the eye. Deselect the selection by pressing Ctrl + D. Blur the “ring” layer by going to Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur. I used a setting of 4.4, again, depending on your image size and preferences, you may choose to use more or less.

This is how my eye looks, starting to look a bit more demonic:


Step 5 - Attack of the killer demons...


So we're NOT quite “demonic” yet. Go back to the original layer and create another duplicate. Set the duplicate layer's layer blend to “Soft Light.” You won't notice much of a difference, yet.

Now you'll want to change the color of the skin. Go to Image/Adjust/Hue and Saturation or Ctrl + U.


I went for a greenish tint to the skin, you can go with blue, red, yellow or sky blue pink if you prefer.


Step 6 - Get the bumps out

You'll notice in the preview image that a little of the red bled over the eyelash area. Just take a small, soft round brush and delete the red on the color layer to create a more even green skin tone.

Now, let's make it just a bit softer. On the recolored layer, go to Image/Blur/Gaussian Blur and use a setting of about 4.4. This just softens the image up slightly and adds a bit more depth. The changes are subtle at best, but see if you can notice the difference between the previous image and this one:


Step 7 -

Remember I said I used a rust texture in this image? This is where we're going to use it. Drag your texture image on top of all the layers. Set the layers blend mode to “Soft Light.” It'll be pretty subtle, just a few lines more than likely.


Notice the cracks by the right side of the eye. I want them a bit darker so I duplicated the rust texture layer and set that layer's blend mode to “Overlay” with an opacity of about 45. I also desaturated the duplicate rust layer by going to Image/Adjust/Desaturate.

You may need to erase parts of the Overlay layer because they turn something an odd color or turn the eyeball itself too dark so you can't see the color. All of that is personal prefrence and I will leave you to do what you will to finish your own image off.

Step 8 - Finito!

And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for. *insert applause here please* The finished product that I created from creating this tutorial. *grinz* Click on the image below for the full version @ 1024×768. (Please note, I did a bit more postwork and added some “frills” for my desktop version of the image.)


Step 9 - Variations of the theme