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Basic Postwork

Author: Angelhariel

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop CS


Postwork can helps making a good image since you may not find the makeup you like, or a background which does not fit in poser. This tutorial covers the base postwork on a portrait, like the makeup, the skin, the background and the lighting.


Step 1 - Skin

Open your render in Photoshop. I used Maxime, a V3 character with my morphs and Blackeyes.

Most of these items can be available for free at Renderosity ( Paris hair ), DAZ ( Victoria 3 ) and Aery Soul (Painted skin mat and actionscript)

I begin my tutorial in Photoshop, if you need help in poser rendering, 's forum has a very good tut about lights.


Take this basic render. With a soft brush, set on soft light, brush the whole head. (I used C89B66 golden color). Change blending layer to screen and 76% opacity.


Use burning and dodging tool to make highlights and play on shadows on areas like her neck or her eyes to give her a golden-skin look.

This is what you got


Step 2 - makeup

Ok. make up time ^^.

Select your character's mouth. You can either use the magnetic lasso or the magic wand. With your selection on, copy the mouth on a new layer ( right click on the layer, layer by copy ).

Then , use the hue and saturation tab to choose the lipstick color you'd like her to wear ( Ctrl + U )

I chose a pale rose.


If you want to add her some gloss, you can use the dodge and burn tool. Use the burn tool between the lips and the dodge tool in some points of her mouth. If you want to, you can use an artistic filter of your choice ( such as Paint Daubs ) and set the layer to 45% opacity.

This is what you get


There is an easier and faster way to get a glossy effect : Just use the plastic wrap filter and set the layer to 45% opacity and overlay (or screen) blending mode


Step 3 - Background

Put your background picture below your poser pic. Then, add a layer mask to your poser image


a white layer will appear next to your layer. Use black color to erase everything around your character until you get this


use smudge tool to paint hair strands (tick on “painting with smudge” option and choose your hair color) And you get this


. I made the blue reflection on her head by setting my brush to overlay and opacity to 50%.

If you want to add her eyes make up, paint over her eyes on a new layer, add some Gaussian blur, burn one side so as to get a soft gradation and set the layer blending options to multiply.

And you get this!!!


You can be happy with your render. If you aren't, or if your background color and your poser pic don't match, you can use lighting.

Step 4 - Lighting

Use lighting filter. (Filters/render/lighting)


I find this filter very useful. You can use it to match background and picture's light source or create another one, for instance for cabaret scenes.

You get this underwater scene.


Or the previous image


^^ Viola!

I hope this tutorial helped and that I was clear enough for you to understand. If there's something, you'd like to ask, just e-mail me, I'll answer asap.

thanks =^-^=