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Hairbrush in Corel Photo-Paint

Author: dorkati

Tools Needed

  • Corel Photo-Paint


You can use hair in Poser when you make a picture. There are many hairstyles that you can buy. But, if you wish to make something unique, you will need some postwork. I'm using Corel Photo-Paint so I will show you how you can make your own hairbrushes.

Step 1 - Use the airbrush tool

Open Photo-Paint.

Make a new document and set the background to transparent (no background).

Work with separate layers.

For making the hair brushes use the airbrush tool.

1. Open the 'Brush flyout' , and click the 'Paint tool' .

2. Open the 'Paint tool' picker on the property bar, and click the 'Airbrush' tool.

3. Set the properties on the property bar.


The shape should be a feathered, 5 sized circle. Be sure to press the feather button so the shape will be smooth and more realistic.

Step 2 - Spots


Paint some dots like on the picture. They shouldn't be symmetrical, just helter-skelter with a little slope to left or right.

Create 6-9 spots per group.

Create as many spot-groups as hair-brushes that you wish to work with. Use separate layers for each spot-group.

If you don't want to make spots with hand, check the next part for another way to make spots.

Step 3 - Make many spots simultaneously

Use again the 'Airbrush' tool. Open the 'Brush Settings' docker from the menu bar – > Window– > Dockers– > Brush Settings.

In the 'Brush Settings' docker specify values for the attributes. You see:

- Nib properties,

- Stroke attributes,

- Dab attributes,

- Brush texture,

- Orbits,

- Color variation

- Pen setting


Check the picture for settings I used. The most important attributes I marked with '*'.

Nib properties:

*transparency - set 50 or less

rotate - set 70-80

soft edge - set 70-80

Stroke attributes:

*smoothing - set around 15

number of dabs - set 1

*spacing - set 90-100

( lets you specify the amount of space between dabs along the length of the brush stroke. A value of 1 produces a solid line. A higher value separates the dabs in the brush stroke)

*spread - set around 700

(lets you specify the distance between dabs along the width of the brush stroke. A higher value results in a thicker brush stroke)

Orbits (be sure to push down the orbits sign for selecting the orbits)

Number of orbits - set 1

Radius - set around 25

Rotation speed - set around 10

Grow speed - set around 15

You can play with settings and try many varioations for best results.

If you finished the settings, make a “line” with your airbrush. You will see many spots.

Select a spot-group (6-9 sposts) which you like, copy and paste as new object (layer). Repeat this with some of the other spot-groups. Use separate layers for different spot-groups.


Step 4 - Create a brush nib

You have as many layers with spot-groups as many hair-brushes you want to create.

1. Select a layer and create a mask from object. It will make a mask from spots. (Menu bar: Mask– > Create– > from object)

2. In the Brush Setting docker (it is working only if any paint tool is selected. Select airbrush tool again) go to the Nib Properties and click on little arrow on the Nib options button.

3. Click : create contents of a mask

4 Type a value in the Nib size box. (you can change this value when use the brush)

Repeat this with all of your spot-groups and save the different groups as different hair-brushes.


Later you can load these brushes from Airbrush presets.


Step 5 - Use your brush


You can load your custom airbrushes from Airbrush presets. Select Airbrush (like in tutorial's part 1) and choose your hair preset from the drop-down menu.

Select a custom color for painting.

Open the Brush Settings docker and you can change your brush's attributes.

Very important:

Set spacing to 1, it produces a solid line.

Now create a line. You see the results on this picture. (see above)

If you change the rotate settings, the result will be different. like this picture.


Set the fade out to 38 and the hairline will be more realistic. The setting is depend on your image's size. Try several settings for best result.


Step 6 - Hair brush for dodge and burn

If you wish you can to use your hairbrushes for dodge and burn.

Open the 'Brush flyout', select the 'Effect tool'.

On the property bar select dodge and burn from drop-down menu.


You can select your hairbrush as the brush's shape.


Use on painted hair. (check Kirisute's Hair Painting tutorial for how)

I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have any question feel free to contact me