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Anaglyphs from Poser Renders

Author: Malva


This easy-to-follow tutorial will show you how to use Anaglyph Maker to create True Stereo images from Poser renders.


Step 1 - download Anaglyph Maker

First of all, you'll need a program called Anaglyph Maker, available for free at StereoEye Software .

Don't worry, it's only 594KB.

Step 2 - render


Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed Anaglyph Maker, go to Poser and render your scene. Save the image as “left eye”.

Step 3 - another render


In the options menu below the preview window, select the Main Camera and drag it a bit to the right.

If you want precision, lower the DollyX value in 0, 02 units. For example, if it was 0, 040, change to 0, 020.

This value is for characters close to the camera. If your main subject is is further away, you may want to increase the difference between the right and the left eye images.


When you're done, save as “right eye” and open Anaglyph Maker.

Step 4 - Anaglyph Maker


As you can see, the program is very simple. After you've loaded both images, select the your 3D mode. If your glasses have a red lens on the left side, and a blue one on the right side, you should choose Color(Red-Cyan) or Red-Blue. Here I chose Red-Cyan.

Now click “Make 3D image”.

Step 5 - Final Adjustments


Depending on your render, you'll need to use the L and R buttons to shift the images a bit. Here I chose the elbow as the image focus and adjusted the 'layers' until they were almost a perfect match all along her arm.

Finally, click “Save 3D image”, select Save Method “Anaglyph or Interleave” and you're done.