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Wing 'em

Author: DTigerWoman

Tools Needed

  • Paint Shop Pro 8


Give your characters a pair of wings made from scratch using Vector shapes in Paint Shop Pro 8!


Step 1 - Getting Started

Start by creating an image about 500×400 with a transparent background.

Next make sure your background color and fill properties are set to black or some other dark color. This can easily be changed later.


Step 2 - Preset Shapes

Click on your preset shapes tool (shown below) and use the following settings:



Step 3 - The First Feather

Using the settings in Step 2 draw out your basic long thin oval.

Note: the example image shown here is smaller than yours due to cropping for the purpose of the preview.


Next click on the Pen Tool to turn on the Vector Nodes. This is where we begin shaping one feather.


Step 4 - Node Editing

Click the node on the left, hold down the mouse button and drag toward the top left.


Arrange the two middle nodes so that you have a nice shape. You can also arrange the node on the right to give it a point for the center of your wings.


Step 5 - Additional Feathers

Once you get a good shape for your first feather, click “Edit” “Copy”, “Edit” “Paste” “As New Vector Selection”. You now have two feathers.

Click on the Preset Shapes tool again so you have some control over your new feather. Move your new feather in place.

Rotate it so the points meet on the right of your first feather.


Step 6 - Repeating Step 5

Repeat Step 5 until you have enough feathers.


You may also rotate and resize additional feathers to spice them up a bit with more shape as shown here:


Step 7 - Vector Properties

Once your get the shape you are looking for on your left wing click on each vector feather in your layer palette by holding down the shift key. Right click on one of the vector feathers in the layer palette and select “Properties”.


On the properties window you may change the colors and properties to give your wings some color so you can make sure they are in place correctly. I selected a gradient with the sunburst properties for the circle effect as shown here.


Step 8 - Group and Mirror

With the feathers still selected right click on the layer palette and click “Group”. This will group the left side of your wing so it's easier to identify the two sides when you are finished ;o)


Next, with the entire group still selected click “Edit” “Copy” then “Edit” “Paste” “As A New Layer”.

Click “Image” “Mirror”. Now arrange the right wing into it's proper place.


Step 9 - Arranging Groups/Layers

On the layer with your right wing, click and hold down the mouse button while dragging the group to the first vector layer. This will place both groups on the same layer and will make your wings much easier to work with. You can delete the second vector layer now because it has nothing on it ;o)


Step 10 - Congrats!

Use the fantastic snow cloning tutorial along with feathering them out with the smudge brush to give your wings a beautiful look!