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Artistic Framing

Author: Dee Dee

Tools Needed

  • Paintshop Pro 8


A pretty simple tutorial to give your images a neat look:)


Step 1 - Getting Started


Bring your finished image into Paint Shop Pro 8. Do any painting postwork to your image that you like. If you are painting hair you might want to wait til after the next step to do that part. The next step tends to lose the details in hair.

If you have more than one layer merge them together before you go further.

Step 2 - Softening


In your top menu go to: Adjust > Softness > Soft Focus

Here you can play with the settings and use what you like. Alot of the time I use Soft Portrait. It all depends on how much softness and glow you want in your image.

After this step you can paint your hair if you have not done so.

Step 3 - Masking


Now go to:

Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask From Disk

It may tell you The Target must be promoted to a full Layer. Click OK.

Your Mask window will then pop up. In that box you can choose what ever mask you like.

I use Mask003 with these settings:

Create Mask from:

Source luminance


Fit to layer


Hide all mask

Nothing else should be checked. Once all that is set click Load.

As you can see below your mask has been applied. You can leave this the way it is or sometimes I don't like how much of the picture it takes out so I select the Group Layer and duplicate it.

Then I merge the visable layers:

Layers > Merge > Merge Visable

Step 4 - Coloring


Add a new layer to your image and drag it to the bottom. Now pick any color you want and flood fill that layer.

I then add noise to the flooded layer:

Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise

You can add as much or as little as you like. I used 8% with the Uniform and Monochrome boxes checked.

Merge visible Layers.

Step 5 - Framing


Now for the finishing touch. We have to add the frame:

Image > Picture Frame

I used The frame called Corners Tape. With these settings:

Transparency Color: nothing checked

Orientation: Frame outside of the Image

With that done you are now ready to add any text to it if you want. I suggest you do that on a separate layer.

Lastly merge all layers of your image and save :)