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A guide to post processing your images in Zenliner 2

Author: JosephineAu

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Or DAZ Studio
  • ZenLiner 2


Post processing with ZenLiner can produce some amazing results.


Step 1: Render

Here I have rendered a simple image using DAZ3D's David


Open the program and click on “Files”

Choose a folder from the drop down menu

Choose an image to work with and hit “click to use”

Step 2: The work document will now load.


There are many choices. For the purpose of this tutorial we initially will use Row 1/Column1

There are two ways to do this. You can either let the program take its course or you can use the step mode and interrupt the process at any of the steps involved to preserve the image at that point.

Step 3: On the second page you can get some really weird effects.


Here I have used Row 1/Column 3

Step 4: Finally let's do some blending


For this I am going over to page 2 Row1/Column2

Step 5: Now I click on blending


If you want to blend with the original to recapture a little of the detail, move the slider until you find a result you like and then click on 'apply'. Then click on 'close' and you will be returned to the second page.

Step 6: Here you can save or continue blending


Now you can save the result if you want and/or do further refining. I am going to do a little more.

Return to the 1st page. I am going to further process the image above with

Row 7/Column4 and here is the final result.

Step 7: Examples


Top Row: Examples using the image of David.

Second row: 1st and 2nd use Michael 3 and the third is Sixus' Robogoth.

You can find more examples in my Artzone gallery:

The possibilities for post processing your DAZ Studio and/or Poser renders are limited only by your imagination.

Copyright: Josephine Tuckfield 18th October, 2006