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Using Ghost Body Parts to Control a Dress

Author: odeathoflife

Tools Needed

  • Poser

Support Files


OK lets get right to it shall we?

Load up the included JazzDress1.obj file (if you installed the support files to hte intended paths you will find this in the

“RuntimeGeometriesurnttoast!DAZ_Ghost Tutorial” folder.

You will notice that the dress has several spheres surrounding it, these are going to get bones in the set up room next.


Step 1 - In the Set Up room


Ok So you can bone this clothing item your self or use the included finished product as a donor skeleton.

(the finished item can be found in “Runtimelibrariescharacter!DAZ_Ghost Tutorial”

You will notice that the bones start by touching the dress material and ending at the sphere.

I have named the bones

hip (which will include the whole of the dress but not the spheres)

lSide, (which will just include the left sphere)


rSide, (which will only include the right sphere)

front, back and bottom (which again will only include their respective sphere controllers)

Step 2 - Setting up the Joint Parameters (JP's)


Once the dress is boned to your liking we will 1st check to make sure that there are no multi-grouped polygons, so click the check in the group editor and if your spheres are also holding onto parts of the hip ( which is the whole dress ) you can remove them now.

Click the pose room tab and open teh Joint editor.

(window > joint editor)

Now we only want to have the sphere controllers manipulating portions of the dress and not the mesh as a whole so we will be using spherical falloffs.

Set up the JP's the green spherical fall off is the area that will be affected, falling off to the red spherical fall off, everything after the edge of the red spherical falloff will not be affected.

Step 3 - Making the spheres invisible


Now in order for the spheres not to show up in renders but being able to see them in authoring we need to set them to the proper material and view settings.

I set the colour of the spheres to green as that seems to be the standard for this type of controller, and the transperancy to 1.0 which will render invisible.

But how can we see them well in the workspace?


By setting the element style in the pose room

Click the element choice then choose the cartoon no line and we will be able to see the spheres.

And thats it, you should now have more control over the garment, and the more spheres you add during modeling the more control you can obtain using this procedure.

If you have any questions do not hesitate

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