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How to Create a New Style From Two Different Hair Items

Author: Matrix08

Tools Needed

* Poser * DAZ3D Razored Moffitt: A V3 Fashion Hairstyle (or similar hair item)


Start with a new blank scene and select V3 from the Figures library


Step 1:

Select Razored Moffitt from the figures library and choose the Jet Black MAT


Step 2:

Make Vicky invisible


Step 3:

Select Group Editor


Step 4:

Select all of hair


Step 5:

Click “Create Prop” and when the “New Prop Name” box comes up choose a name


Step 6:

Select a new V3 figure from the library and name it TEMP


Step 7:

Select Sassy Hair 2.0 and choose the black MAT from the Pose library.


Step 8:

Parent the Sassy Hair to the ShagHair which is parented to the original V3. after doing this you can delete the TEMP V3.


Step 9:

Next select the “parent” hair prop which is the razored moffitt.

Step 10:

Choose the Props directory and create a new folder where you will store your new Hair Props.

Step 11:

Choose a name for such as “Shag” then click on the “Select Subset” button.


Step 12:

Make sure both Hair Props are checked. do not check anything else..Click OK and then OK in the hierarchy box and click Ok in the “New Set” box to save.


Step 13:

After saving your new hair item to the PROPS directory delete all hair props in your scene.

Step 14:

Select V3 and then select your new hair props from the library.

Step 15:

Both will appear in the window.