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Peacock crown in Poser

Author: dorkati

Tools Needed

  • Poser 4
  • A paint program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop or Corel

Support Files


You can make your own prop without any 3D program. You need only Poser 4 and any paint program. I use Corel Photo-Paint but any other program is good for this if it uses layers.

I recommend you start the props creating with something easy, like my PeaCrown. I made it to my SaraPea (wonderful character available here).

If you understand the method, you can make many props to yourself.

So, let's start the work!


Step 1 - Start with Poser

First of all you need to make the basic object. I don't remember are there in the original Poser any tube, because I have so many downladed object. But I use for this crown Jena's Morphing Ring. You can find at this place:


You need to make smaller, because this prop will be larger than a truck-wheal:) I used this scaling settings, because this this settings neede to my character. You can use your own scale-parameter. Scale : x13 y33 z11 Ring: -0, 333 This setting is important. If you turn the ring-width smaller than -0, 333, the inside will be outside. At this settings the tube will be thin like a paper. This is the best for this crown, because it will be from peacock-feather.

I've attached a helping UV map. You can find it in the support files.


Apply the UV map as a texture in the material options. You see above, where there are the different colors.

This is very important when you want to make a texture.

Step 2 - Open your Paint program

Open the Peacrown UV map in your paint program. You can use it as a guide. You saw the picture that the front outside is the blue area and the front inside is the orange area, but this is upside down.


First of all make the ring.

1.Make a layer and create a shape what you like. Be sure that the bottom side is on the black line under the green-blue are.

For colors I used this settings:

Fill - RGB 71 128 88

Outline RGB 85 127 91

Make some noise if you want to a rough material. Use at noise Gauss-style, Intensive color mode, 50 level and 70 density. These setting just optional.

2.You can make the shape in center, so it will be in correct size, but you need to adjust the shape's center to crown's center. This is in the blue area, between 4th and 5th cell from right side. Adjust the shape, make a duplicate, slide left and adjust to the original shape's side. (combine this two layers)


3. Make a new layer and place the feathers or what you like.

I put them only the front side.

4. Make a group from this 2 layers. You can combined them if you don't want to make changes on your feathers, but later maybe useful if the feathers are in separate layer.

So make a group, make a duplicate and mirror down. Slide down to the orange area like on the picture above. Be sure that the crown's bottom (now it is up) is on the black line above yellow-orange area. Very important, because the two side of the crown (outside and inside) must be on the same place.

Step 3 - Check your work in Poser

Here is the finished texture.


Export as a jpg, go back to the Poser, apply texture and check your work.


If the texture doesn't fit, go back to the paint program and make some correction.

When you finished with texture you need some more works in paint program.

This crown is awful. Do you want a crown with blue and green cells? :)

Ha-ha. Go back and delete the lowest layer (or background) where the UV map are.

(I said the layers are important!)

This crown is a flat tube. We need some dimension and a crown shape.

So go on work.

Step 4 - Make some depth

First make the bump map. Make a copy from the peacock-layer if you make different depth. Turn the texture to grayscale. Maybe you can find under adjust or adjustment menu. In color chanels or desaturate.

Make some contrast. If you want to apply another depth to feathers, make extra contrast on feathers-layer.

Notice, the lighter area will be overriding and the darker will be deeper.

Export your image.


In the material options convert your jpg into .bum and apply as bump map.

(Notice if you convert this picture to a bumpmap and you make some changes on JPG later, you need to export as different name, because with this name was loaded once. And you need to make this procedure again.

But if you quit from Poser and load again, you can use the same name, but delete the wrong .bum file.)

Step 5 - Making transparency

We need to make a transparency map, because our crown is still a tube.

Go to the paint program and turn the image to a black-white image. If your paint program doesn't know that, just go to the brightness menu and make the biggest brightness on the crown while it will be white. Be sure that the other places are black.


You don't need to make perfect white. If you want to make some semitransparent area, make it.

You need to know, that the black area will be totally transparent, the grey area will be semi-transparent and the white area will be opaque. You can play with colors if you can, but be sure that the area what don't belong to crown will be 100% black.

Step 6 - Check your crown in Poser

Go back to Poser and apply in the material options (surface materials) the transparency map. Turn the minimum and maximum transparency 100% and render


(I forgot the decorating. I made a line under the feathers. It looks like the feathers locked by line maybe. I used hard contrast to line in the bumpmap)

If you want to make some changes, maybe different shape, go back and play with transparency map. Here is a picture from my other crown. Same method, but different shape.


Step 7 - Summary

I hope you understood how you can make props using Poser and paint-program.

Most important things are correct basic object, (On that side where you can find this MorphRing there are many morphable shape) and the fitting bump map and transparency map.

If you have any question about this tutorial feel free to contact me: