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Manual Object Ripping

Author: DTigerWoman

Tools Needed

  • Poser


This tutorial will explain how to rip an object from a prop/figure file in poser manually using only notepad.

Step 1 - Prop Setup

For the purpose of this tutorial I have used the ball that comes with poser. Start by selecting the following options

in Poser.

  • File
  • Import
  • Wavefront Object

Select the “ball.obj” from the following Poser directory:

  • :Runtime:Geometries:props:ball.obj

When importing the ball prop nothing should be checked in the “Prop Import Options”. This of course will depend

on what you are importing for your own project. I'll assume you know about importing props but thought I would include this anyway.

Save the ball prop in the props library. I named mine “New-Ball” for this tutorial.

Step 2 - Find and Replace

Once you have your prop saved, locate it in your Props library and open the .pp2 file in notepad or a text editor of your choice.

The next thing you need to do is locate the geometry information in the .pp2 file. This is fairly easy because all all object geometry information looks basically the same.

For the poser ball, this is what the geometry part of the .pp2 file will look like:

Replace the object geometry for the ball with the following making sure the directory structure is correct and points

to the ball.obj in the poser directory.

Step 3 - Importance of a name

It is important to remember that the prop name remain consistent throughout the .pp2 file. If the prop name is different in some instances in the file you will not see anything in poser when you try and use the prop or you might get an error message.

There are several instances where the prop name must remain the same.

Instance #1

Name = “prop ball” at the very top just below the version number

Instance #2

Name = “prop ball” Shown at the top below the external object directory structure

Instance #3

Name = “prop ball” at the very bottom

Step 4 - Test The Prop

Once you have the object ripped from the .pp2 file save it and try using it in Poser. If your ball pops into the window like it normally would then you know you have successfully ripped an object from a prop file!

Step 5 - Conclusion

Ripping objects from a CR2 file is somewhat different because of the structure of a .CR2 but it is basically the same concept. Poser normally rips the object from a CR2 in most cases anyway and places the OBJ file into your figures library with the .CR2 ;0) In this case you'd just move your object file to the geometries folder and change the directory structure of the object path in the CR2.

I hope you find this tutorial extremely useful! Have fun with your poser creations!