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Make symmetrical custom morphs in Poser

Author: roxcat

Tools Needed

  • Poser


You did a great morph with a magnet on one side of your figure, but how do you get the same result on the other side? There's no option to do this automatically in Poser, but it's not so hard to do it manually. All you need is to create a second magnet and copy the settings from the other magnet. If you have several magnets then you'll have to copy each and one of them. I will make a simple morph with magnets and show you how to do it yourself. I used Poser 4 for this tutorial, but it should work the same in newer versions.

I will not explain the basics of magnets, it's best if you have some basic knowledges of how to use them. If you haven't used them before I suggest that you try and play a little with them to figure out how they work. Shortly the Mag zone (the sphere) decides what part of the figure that will be affected by the magnet, and the real magnet affects the strength of the morph. When you create a magnet it's very important that you have the correct bodypart selected on your figure. For example, if you want to put a magnet on the nose, the head should be selected before creating the magnet.


Step 1 - Creating a magnet


I will use Victoria 3 in this example, and I want to give her some nice horns in her forehead. Select the head, and then go to Object - > Create Magnet.


Now you have a big magnet at her head. To easily see where the mag zone is, you can change it's display type to wireframe by going to Display - > Element Style - > Wireframe (Or hit Ctrl+Shift+3). It should look like the image above.

Step 2 - Positioning the magnet


Position the mag zone to where you want it to take effect, in this case the left side of the forehead. Then adjust the mag base and magnet to the desired look. After some fiddling with the dials I got the result as shown above.

Step 3 - Creating the second magnet


In this step it's time to create a new magnet in the same way as in step 1. Now comes the fun part (or maybe not..) to insert all the values that you have written down for the other magnet. All scales should be the same, but some of the other values should be inverted. These are: xtran, yrot and zrot. If xtran on you original mag zone is 0, 035, the new magnet zone should have a value of -0, 035. If everything's been set correctly you should have two identical horns.

Step 4 - Saving the morph


If you want to save this as a morph, choose Object - > Spawn Morph Target while having the head selected, and name it something appropriate, for example Horns. This will show up as a dial, and if you put in the value 1 it will have the same effect as the magnets, but this you can adjust to your liking. You can now safely delete the magnets from the head. The figure can now be saved to the library, and when you load it again it will have the dial ready for your beautiful horns =)