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Creating heads in the P6 Face Room with hi-resolution textures

Author: Exiee

Tools Needed

  • Poser 6


The Face Room of Poser 6 is one of the most powerful yet easy to use tools to create custom looking faces and heads. While this is a great tool, the heads created with the Face Room have a default texture resolution of 512*512 pixels, which is way too low compared to most figures. (The head texture for the James figure is 2588*1720, for the HYPERREAL M3 figure is 4000*2719) In this tutorial, we'll run through the steps of creating a head with texture maps greater than the default size.


Step 1 - Load your figure

Load the figure of which you wish to use the Face Room with. Please note that the Face Room ONLY works with Don, Judy, Will, Penny, James and Jessi. In this tutorial, I used the the James HiRes figure.


Step 2 - Fire up the Face Room

After your figure is loaded, fire up the Face Room by clicking the Face tab. You'll notice that the texture of the head is the default Face Room texture, not your current figure's head texture. If you work with the default texture, the output texture will be 512*512 in size.


Step 3 - Replace the default texture with your figure's texture

Now, we want to replace the default Face Room texture with our figure's head texture, which has a higher resolution. To do this, click the “Import Original Figure Head Texture” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Now that the default texture is replaced with the figure's head texture, as you can see in the Texture Preview window. Imported textures retain their original sizes, which means if your texture is 1000*1000, all changes you make to it in the Face Room will retain the imported 1000*1000 size.


Step 4 - Apply your head to Figure

After you imported the head texture from your figure, you can work with the Face Room just like you would with the default texture. However, the Texture Variation panel may have exaggerated or unexpected results on the imported textures, but that can be fixed afterwards using the Material Room or a separate image editing program.

After you are done working with your head, click the “Apply to Figure” button on the top right-hand corner to apply the head to your figure. A pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the use of imported texture. Click “Yes” to confirm.


There you go. You are DONE! Now that your face texture has exactly the same resolution as it did before it went through the Face Room. In my example, it is 2588*1720, isn't it much better than the 512*512 default? :) If you want to further edit the texture, you can go back to the Face Room at any time to make changes. The face material can also be found in the Material Room under the name “faceroomSkin”.

For more information, feel free to email me at xctang2005(at) or refer to your Poser 6 Reference Manual, Chaper 27: The Face Room on page 233.

Have fun!