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Adding Full Body Morphs to Clothes with Wardrobe Wizard 2

Author: eallenmail

Tools Needed

  • Wardrobe Wizard 2
  • Poser 7
  • Victoria 3


Before you can add full-body morphs (FBMs) to clothes with Wardrobe Wizard 2 (WW2), you first need to analyze the FBMs you want to add by analyzing a custom CR2. The CR2 is of the figure you with to convert to with the desired FBMs injected and dialed. This tutorial shows you how to set up WW2 for adding FBMs to converted clothes. We will be converting clothes to V3, so she will be the model referred to throughout the tutorial, but, of course, you can use your own model. We will also be using the FBMs that come in the V3 body morph pack as sold by DAZ. This tutorial does NOT cover creation, use and addition of custom morphs. This tutorial does NOT cover the entire WW2 conversion process either. For basic information, please visit the WW2 page or the forums at .

Step 1:

Open Poser 7.

Step 2:

Start a new project and put a new V3 in the scene.

Step 3:

Load the morphs that you wish to transfer to clothing.

Here we're loading just Skinny and Heavy, for simplicity's sake, but you can certainly load more morphs.


Step 4:

Move the morph dials for the morphs you wish to transfer.

It doesn't matter which way you push the morph dials or even what the resulting figure looks like.

Step 5:

Go to General Preferences > Miscellaneous. Uncheck the box that says “External Binary Morph Targets.”


Step 6:

Save the custom V3 CR2 to your library.

Name it something like “Victoria 3 SAE-WW2” just so you know what it is.

Step 7:

Start the WW2 plug-in.

To do this, go to Scripts > PhilC > Wardrobe Wizard Menu and select. You will get the following window:


Follow its instructions.

Step 8:

Make sure that the body of the custom V3 is selected.

Step 9:

In the Python scripts menu, click the WW2 Python button that says “Analyze Full Body Morphs.”


Step 10:

The popup menu will ask you which FBMs you want to analyze. In my experience, you can only successfully analyze FBMs that have been dialed. Select “Skinny” and “Heavy.” Hit “Okay.”


Step 11:

Note: If you have injected and dialed many FBMs, do not try to analyze them all at once because Poser 7 may crash.

Instead, analyze in batches. In my experience, Poser 7 handles around 20 morphs at a time comfortably.

Step 12:

Once the FBMs have been successfully analyzed, the information is saved in e Frontiers > Poser 7 > Runtime > Python Scripts > PhilC > Wardrobe Wizard > morph analyses > V3 [or whatever the name of the analyzed figure is].

[This path refers to the plug-in version only.] You don't need to analyze the FBMs again.


Step 13:

You can now add FBMs to clothes converted to V3.

When the “Which morphs shall I add?” window comes up, be sure to select only “Skinny” and “Heavy” [that is to say, only those morphs that you have analyzed according to the process above]. You can also select any morphs prefaced by a “ww” because those are morphs that WW2 automatically adds; analyses are not needed for them.

Step 14:

Do not select any FBMs - for example, “Voluptuous” and “Pinup” - that you have not analyzed according to the process above.

If you do select unanalyzed morphs, the dials will appear in the converted clothing morph options, but you won't be able to do anything with them.

Once you have used Poser 7 to help you analyze V3's PBMs, you can use the standalone WW2 to convert clothing more speedily. Simply copy the V3 morph analyses from the plugins folder to the standalone's folder. Go to e Frontiers > Poser 7 > Runtime > Python Scripts > PhilC > Wardrobe Wizard > morph analyses > V3. Copy the “V3” folder. Then go to Program Files > Wardrobe Wizard > morph analyses. Paste the “V3” folder here. Now you can convert clothes and add FBMs using the morph data generated with the help of Poser 7, but without opening Poser 7 in the first place.