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Quick Poser Thumbnail Collections with RName and Poser

Author: dorkati

Tools Needed

* Poser any version

* Rname-it (optional)


Morphos does not render any thumbnails, and Poser create only Preview thumbnails. Rendering thumbnails takes less time after this tutorial for your faces, expressions, hair styles or poses. RName makes renaming faster and easier. This method is ideal for merchants for their shops: forget those slow and boring rendering thumbnails…


Step 1 - Preparing...

If you create files, I suggest to name them as name_001, name_002 as Poser sometimes does not use the same order as the real alphabetical order.

If you have already named your files, just use Rname-it for changing file names.

Skip next step if you know this software or your files have been already named with a counter and follow from step 3.

Step 2 - Rename

Download from here the Rname-it software. This is free for personal use and very useful. Open and select the folder where you store your files needed to rename.

You should see similar image…


As you see, when I made these face files, I used long names and there are INJ in name (created with IPB). And there is a file with a dissimilar style.

So select all names you wish to rename. Now set the options.


Type the chosen name you wish and finish with the character _ as you see on image above.

Select the Replace checkbox - this option will rename the older name to new. Without checking-in this option, nothing will happens!

In the “ Counter for padding to Prefix or Extension ” section push the Apply to “ Prefix ” button and set the starting value to 0001 (this is needed because Poser will name thumbnails based on this method) and set increment value to 1.

In preview window check how your file names will be changed after applying the changes. If everything seems correct, just click on “ Rename it! ” button.

Step 3 - Basic settings

Open Poser, load your figure for you wish creating the thumbnails, set camera and lights. Set document window size (Window - > Document Window Size…) to a square. Width and height should be the same sizes. I now create thumbnails for Gumdrops faces so I loaded Sakari (I made unneeded parts as invisible), I selected face camera and set up some lights.


In Render - > Render Settings…window I set quality. Firefly render will be a bit slower, for rendering thumbnails it is enough Poser 4 style rendering. I suggest to use this style of rendering as the thumbnails will be a bit sharper…. and the rendering will be much quicker. I do not recommend to check on cast shadow option if you wish to render faster. Before continue, do not forget Save settings!

If you wish to use backgrounds, just make it in your favorite graphic program, export as square image. In Poser load this picture as background or load a simple square from Props library (Primitives folder), apply your image on it and set position where you wish. In this case you can catch some shadows on it, too.

Step 4 - Apply poses

If you have finished with the basic settings, open Key Frames editor with Edit Keyframes button (see picture)


On the left side there will be your figure name and body parts. If you create only expressions, it is enough to select head and eyes. If you need full body poses or hair styles, you have to select the whole figure. There is a small triangle next to your figure name. Click on it and collapse. Now you see only the figure name, not all the body parts.


Select all frames next to figure and click on “Add Key Frame” button (+). Now all small boxes should be green and every frames will be keyframes. If you need shots from several camera positions for your thumbnails, repeat this step for camera frames too. (set camera frames to camera keyframes). Note: this should not be apply for the face camera! Now close frame editor and go to Expression library (or Poses library - where you store your files)

Go to first frame and apply first face. After that go to the next frame and apply next face. Repeat this step for your all faces, each of them on to separate frames. Finally you will get a “movie” with all of your faces.


Step 5 - Render images

Click on Animation menu and select Make movie. Check settings on image.


Format: Image files

Renderer: recommended Poser 4 - you can change this to your favorite render style, but don't forget to set it before rendering.

Resolution: 91×91. Original Poser format, you can set a little larger image as from Poser 5 it can be up to 120 x 120.

Time Span: depend on how many frames you have. During creating this tutorial I had 6 frames, so I had to set it from 1 to 6.

If all settings are correct, click on “ make movie ” button. Select folder where your files can be found (files with fc2 or pz2 extensions) Set file name and select image file format. Poser displays only PNG file types, this is why you should select PNG file format. For me the name is GD-Char. Note: now I didn't use _ character at the end of the name. Poser will automatically names image files as GD-Char_0001, etc…

Click OK and Poser will starts rendering. Now you have some time for having a coffee ;)

When Poser finished with this task, just load expression library again and voila! Now your rendered thumbnails are ready.


Step 6 - Final step (optional)

Finally, if you don't like this _0001 in names, you can open Rname-it again and can rename the files with the method in the image below.


In this case now DO NOT SELECT the counter OR CHANGE in prefix, BUT click onto “Replace” button in Advance renaming section.

Type into “ string: ” text area that name part what you want to replace. If I see my files, (GD-Char_0001) I wish to remove _00 part, so I type only this into the text area. Into the “ with: ” text area I gave a - character. After renaming I saw the following file names:


GD-Char-02… etc.

I hope this tutorial helps you to save time.

If you have any question just feel free to ask me!