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Quick Grass in Poser 5

Author: Nalif

Tools Needed

  • Poser 5


This is a quick tutorial on how to achieve decent, believable grass inside of Poser 5 by using the hair tools. Even if you've never used the hair room, I'll try and make this tutorial as painless as possible. Here's what your grass will look like when your done.


Step 1 - Getting started

First, create a new scene and start out empty. If you have the dork as your default character, go ahead and clear him out. For this tutorial I used the Square Hi-Res primitive prop, but you can grow grass on anything you want. Go ahead and add the Square Hi-Res prop now. It's located under Props > Primitives .

Step 2 - Setting up your base color

The Hi-Res square prop will be the base for your grass. As such, we'll have to color it like grass. You have one of two choices here: 1) Go into your favorite 2D image editor and paint a texture map or 2) Use procedural textures inside of P5 to make it look like a grassy hill. I chose the later choice. Here's a screen grab of the material I made for the grass.


Here's what your material should look like now:


Step 3 - Grow the Grass

Now that you have your hill material, it's time to get the grass to cover the hill. This is done in the hair room. Click on the “Hair” tab located in the top middle area of your screen. Once there, your screen will be covered with a bunch of confusing nobs and what not. In reality, this is a very simple room once you get the hang of it. The first step is to click on the “New Growth Group” button located under 1.Hair Growth Groups. Once you click this button it will ask your for a name. I used Grass. After you name your hair group, click on “Edit Growth Group.” This will allow you to designate where you want to grow your grass. Once the button is pushed, drag a box over where you want the grass in the preview window. It should highlight red. Any area that you highlight red will have grass on it. If you don't want grass there, leave it black.

If you have your area selected, you're past the hard part. Now it's time to actually grow the grass! Look under “2. Growth Controls.” These values are what your grass will be made from. You can use any values you want. Here are the values I myself used:


Once you have your values set, look over to “3. Styling Controls.” Your going to change the “Number of Hairs” value to whatever you feel suitable. In my case, I used 2000. Once you change this value, click on “Grow Guide Hairs.” Once this button is pushed, it will generate a prop in the shape of your grass. Your scene should now look something like this:


Step 4 - Texturing Your Grass

Now that you have your grass, you need a grass material. Your hair should already have a default hair node with a noise node attatched to it; delete the noise node and change the colors as such:


Step 5 - Finished!

Once rendered, your grass should look somewhat like this:


That's all there is to this tutorial. As a final step, you could add a wind force. I won't go into wind forces though, as they're an entire tutorial on their own. I hope you learned something and I also hope this tutorial has helped you out on a project of your own.