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Injection Pose Builder 101

Author: MercyToo

Tools Needed

  • Injection Pose builder available in the store
  • Poser 4 Pro Pack or 5
  • M3
  • V3 or the freak


This easy to follow tutorial will help you get started with using Injection Pose Builder, available right here in the DAZ store! As always, with any of my tutorials, if you get stuck or need help, please let me know and I'll do my best to help you out!

I'm using V3 here, and I will take you through saving both a facial expression and a face morph. Saving a body morph is very similar to saving a face morph and will be explaind briefly.

Poser 5 users please note: What I refer to as the Face Library here is the same as your expression library in Poser 5.

Let's get started :-)

Step 1 - IPB: Getting started


Open up poser and load your IPB compatable model. I'm using Victoria 3 for this tutorial.

We're going to start with saving an expression morph. So, go to your pose library and inject any expressions you want to use to create your own.


The image above shows which expressions I used and what V3 looks like with the simple expression I created for her.

Step 2 - IPB: Face library in Poser


Now, go to your FACES library in Poser. Scroll all the way down using the arrow until you see “ADD NEW CATEGORY”. Click that and create a new category, give it a name you'll remember. I'm naming mine “Mercy's Faces”.


Browse to your new category (Mercy's Faces in my case). It's empty! Now, you'll press the little + button at the bottom to add your new face to the library.


After pressing the + button, give it a name and press OK. Then, select SINGLE FRAME and press OK again. Now you have a face in your library!

Step 3 - IPB: Saving Face


Open Injection Pose Builder (IPB) which should be in your start menu located in your DAZ Programs directory


Go up to OPTIONS and select PROCESSING (Or Press F4 on your keyboard)


A new window like the one above will open.

You'll probably want to create both an inject and remove pose, so click the box that says “CREATE BOTH POSES”.

Since we've only added an expression to V3's face, click “HEAD” under “MASTER ACTORS ONLY”. Checking HEAD will automatically check the box next to MASTER ACTORS ONLY.

Make sure the following options are checked:




And since this is an expression morph,


Also make sure these are checked:



Leave everything else unchecked and press the “X” to close the General Processing Options window.

Now, go up to FILE and select OPEN. Browse to the folder you saved your face file in. For my example, my face is saved in:

Runtime:Libraries:Face:Mercy's Faces and it is named “Happy.fc2”.

Select the fc2 file and press OK.

Step 4 - IPB: Processing the expression file.


Here's what IPB looks like now and I've copied and pasted the information here for you:




number 4.01


// Generated with DAZ INJection Pose Builder v1.3

// This file is intended for use with Victoria 3

// See DAZ Productions, Inc. [] for details


// — Delta Information —

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:Deltas:InjDeltas.Blink Left.pz2”

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:Deltas:InjDeltas.Blink Right.pz2”

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:Deltas:InjDeltas.Smile2.pz2”

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:Deltas:InjDeltas.SmileOpen.pz2”

// — Visibility Information —

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:ChanVis:Unhide.Blink Left.pz2”

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:ChanVis:Unhide.Blink Right.pz2”

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:ChanVis:Unhide.Smile2.pz2”

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:ChanVis:Unhide.SmileOpen.pz2”

actor head




targetGeom Blink Left




k 0 0.192



targetGeom Blink Right




k 0 0.192



targetGeom Smile2




k 0 0.383



targetGeom SmileOpen




k 0 0.579






You can see that by checking off the “IGNORE ZEROED CHANNELS” that channels that were not used will not be injected. If I had injected the expression “Smile 1” when we first got started and had NOT checked off “IGNORE ZEROED CHANNELS”, you should see something like this:

targetGeom Smile1




k 0 0.000

It saves loading time for your INJECT pose if you do not include the zeroed channels.

Now go up to FILE and SAVE AS and IPB will ask you to save your INJ pose in the face folder of the fc2 file you just used. It will only ask you for the name of the INJECT pose! It will automatically name your REMOVE POSE.

I'm going to name mine Happy INJ.fc2, so, HappyREM.fc2 will automatically be created.


When you're done, you should have a message in your IPB Log similar to the one in the image above. It tells you that your INJ and REM files were created.

Minimize IPB and go back into Poser.

Step 5 - IPB: Checking your new files


If you left your Poser Libraries on “Faces”, make sure you exit out of the face library and then return to it. I call this “refreshing” your library.

Now, you will see two shrugging guys which represent your INJ and REM pose, similar to the image above.

Don't remove your original face (Happy in my example) just yet. First, use your new REM pose to make sure it works.

If it does, now try out your new INJ pose.

If it works, you are successful! I knew you could do it! :-D

If you want to make custom thumbnails to get rid of the shrugging guy, you can either rename your PNG file for the origional face or use my RSR converter tutorial in the “Other applications” section of the Tutorial Arcana here.

Now, let's save a face morph!

Step 6 - IPB: Creating a Face Morph


Since the process for saving a character face is so similar (yet a little different), I will cover that here as well.

You can use the same V3 you have open now. Just make sure to remove any expressions from her face. Should be simple since we've just created a REM pose for our expression :-)

After you've removed your new expression using your REM pose, click on her head to make sure there are no morphs loaded as in my image above

Go to your POSE library, select any features, eyes, nose, etc that you want to inject to make your character's face. I'm only working with faces here, so, only inject the face features you want.

Using the different Injection libraries I have (You get these when you buy DAZ's Head Morph Package for your character - V3 in this case), I'm going to inject the ones I want and turn the dials until I get a face I want.


Here's a screen shot showing the features I injected from the different libraries and what her face now looks like. I selected poses from the FEATURES category and from the EYES category as well as the HEAD category.

With features like this, you can save your face in either a pose library - handy if you've created a skin texture and want to include a character INJ and REM pose for her face - or, you can save them in your Face library. For simplicity, I'm going to walk you through saving in your FACES library. Though, I have included notes for saving to your POSE library.

Step 7 - IPB: Saving Face Again


(If you were saving this to a pose library, you would press the + sign to add it to your POSE library of choice. When the windows open, give it a name as you would in the face library and press “OK”. The next window asks you if you want to include morph channels in your pose set. YOU DO, so click YES. Then, save as a single frame and process in IPB using the steps below.)

Go back to the face library you created earlier for this tutorial. Click the + sign to add your new face to the library and open DAZ IPB if you closed it.

Give it a name, I'm calling mine “Asianish” and save it as a single frame entry.

Above is a screen shot of my face library with “Asianish” added.

Back in IPB, go to OPTIONS and PROCESSING to get the General Processing Options window again.

Make sure “CREATE BOTH POSES” is selected. Again, we're only working with the head, so check the box for HEAD under “MASTER ACTORS ONLY”.

This time, we want our settings to be a bit different. Since we didn't use any expressions, we want to uncheck EXPRESSION MORPHS ONLY. check the box next to “IGNORE EXPRESSION MORPHS”. Also check the boxes next to “IGNORE ZEROED CHANNELS” and “IGNORE SCALE CHANNELS” so that your GPO window looks like mine:


Then, press the little “x” in the right corner of the GPO window to close it.

Go up to FILE and OPEN.

Open your new face. Mine's named Asianish.fc2.

It will process your new face. The only thing left to do is to save it… so, go to FILE and SAVE AS. It will want to save it to the face library where your original is located. I'm going to save mine as Asianish INJ.fc2 and it will automatically create Asianish REM.fc2.

When it is done, IPB will tell you in the Log area that the files were written for both your INJ and REM files.

Refresh your face library in poser by leaving it and going back into it. You should now see something similar to my image below:


If you saved to a pose library instead of the face library, the steps are the same for processing in IPB.

If you wanted to save a body morph, you would use very similar steps. Create your morph by injecting the items you want to use that were included in your body morph package from DAZ. Open IPB and under “MASTER ACTORS ONLY”, select BODY instead of head.

I hope this makes sense to you. As with any of my tutorials, if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask me for help by instant messaging me here. My user name is MercyToo.