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Hair colors without extra textures

Author: dorkati


This tutorial show you how to change hair colors without extra hair texture. It is a simple tutorial for beginners who haven't got any paint program or don't want to make different hair textures. This is very useful if you haven't got too many place on your hard disc, or you don't want to storage too many files.


Step 1 - Load hair

I use for this tutorial Kozaburo's Rei Hair. You can download here.

Sure, before you load the hair object, you need to load a character. Load the hair. You see the original hair color below. The lightning settings maybe changes the tones, but I use same settings at all renders.


Step 2 - Material Options

Go to material options. At the original settings, the object color is white. I want to see some turquise colored hair, so I turned the object color to a light green-blue color. In this case it was RGB 5 255 253. Be sure you choose the ReiHair object on left top side and hair material on the right top side.


The hair will be green. Notice, the hair will be darker, because the original hair color was a middle-dark color.


Step 3 - Add highlight

This color is nice, but matt. We need to add some highlights. Go back to material options and turn the highlight color to white. Change the highlight size. I adjusted to 66%, but you can add more highlights if you want to. You know, watch out the object settings. Choose Rei Hair object and Hair material.



It is better, isn't it? But not perfect. I want some spiritedness.

Step 4 - Add some extra

Go back to the material options. Be sure the Rei Hair object and hair material is the chosen figure.

Turn the ambient color to lighter than object color.


Click OK and render


It's cool! This is what I want! But here is the time to attempting.

Step 5 - Attempting

Go back to the material options. Choose Rei Hair object and hair material. Turn the object color to a light yellow color. Maybe RGB 255 255 153. Leave the other settings as we adjust in previous steps.


Go back and render


I hope you saw in this tutorial how you can play with color in material options.