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Position your character's lips

Author: Ravenhair

Tools Needed

  • Paintshop Pro or Adobe Photoshop
  • UV Mapper


Before you start texturing any of your characters, you need to know where to position parts such as eye sockets, nipples and lips, in this case, I will use lips as an example on how to position them on your texture template before doing anything else.

You see how easy is to do this, if you follow the steps by steps instructions, I do recommend that you pay attention to the very first steps.

Now, let's finish the talking because I know myself, I won't know when to end… and let's start the actual tutorial.

Step 1 - UV Mapper

We will begin by opening UV Mapper, and loading the object, in this case, will be V3.

Once you have it loaded, go to Edit, Select by Material and select all those that you are NOT going to work with at the moment, in other words, since we are working with Vicky lips, you will select all EXCEPT the lips, like the image indicates.


Now, you drag the selected area outside the UV Mapper's box, leaving just the unselected lips.


Step 2 - Save Template

Save your texture template and enter 2944 Width and 2000 Height, this is very important because those are the measures of the V3 head texture template I used to work while writing this tutorial. Maybe you have a different size for the V3 head template, and if so, those measures are the ones that you will enter when saving the texture template using UV Mapper. See the image below:


Step 3 - PSP

By now you probably have saved your lips texture and you are ready to open Paint Shop Pro.

Once opened PSP, open the V3 head texture you will be working on, I strongly recommend that you do a duplicate of the V3 head texture template, and now, open your lips template that you have previously saved using UV Mapper, you will notice that the color depth is set to minimum, increase the color depth for this bmp file by going to colors/increase color depth/16 million colors.

Select the whole image copy and past it on the V3 head texture map that you have opened before (I'm talking about the duplicate), past it as a new layer, just as the image below indicates.


Step 4 - Remove Whites

You have placed that new layer, and you need to get rid of the white part, just use the magic wand, click anywhere on the white area, and hit the delete key, after this, go to select/inverse, like the image below indicates.


Now, hit the delete key again.

Step 5 - Paint it in

Using the paint brush, choose the color of your choice, and paint the selected area.


I didn't want to see that grid, so I created a new layer between the background (V3 Head template copy) and the lips area I was working on, and using the paint bucket, I decided to paint it in beige.


Step 6 - Final words.

Now you are done, and ready to apply textures. I do have a tutorial of how to create realistic looking lipstic textures, but if you want to create a texture that simulates natural lips, no make up, there are some online that can help you out.

The image below is a render after applying this method, see how the color is applied on her lips.



1-This tutorial talks about lips only, but as I said before, you can use the method when you want to apply textures to other body parts and you don't want them blend with the other textues.

2-Use this method also when working on applying second skins, just save the parts you want to work on.

3-When using UV Mapper, select all the parts that you are NOT going to work on and drag them outside the box, don't forget to click on Yes when it says “There are other selections, do you want to save them”.

4-When you will save a texture template in UV Mapper, don't forget to set the measures the same as the texture template you will use as a base… I think I already said that.

If you have any problem, just email me at