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Creating a simple bar code

Author: ironsun


Bar codes are fun to do! Follow these easy steps and be bar code maker master in no time.

I have used Photoshop CS to make this tutorial but I think that you can use any paint program that you want.


Step 1 - Setting the base


Create new document in any size and shape that you want and make sure that background is set to white. I have used 250×150 pixel sized pic in this example.

With rectangular marquee choose area for the lines. You may want to leave some free space in bottom of the picture for additional longer lines and text.

Step 2 - Making the lines

Enable rulers from View- > Rulers ang drag a guideline from left side where you want the first line to be. Load photoshop's basic square brushes and choose one that suits your needs.

Create new layer and press shift and left click on guideline on upper side. Keep shift pressed down and left click on the same line below the selection. A perfectly straig line is created.

Press control down and drag guide line to right. Repeat making lines to fill the picture.

To get the bar code look right, use different sized brushes to create variance. Leave couple places empty for longer lines that comes in next step.



Step 3 - Extra enchantment

This is how my bar code looks at now. It is ready to use crisp piece of work but it need some details to make it look even better.

Extend the marquee selection to cover almost all of the picture. Drag guideline to one of the bigger empty places and add a line to it.

Grap you typing tool, choose any font you like and write some text and numbers in the empty spaces.

And you're done! Simply created bar code to use in anywhere you like.



Suggestions? Comments?