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Simple Water Reflections In Photoshop

Author: Amber

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop


In this tutorial I will teach you how to make an image look as though it's reflecting off the water.

This tutorial has been written by using Photoshop 7, some differences may appear with the tools if you have a lower version.

Step 1 - Starting Out


I started out with a simple render from Poser, and opened it up in Photoshop.

Step 2 - Selection and Copying


Then using your Selection Tool select an area down the middle of the person. This can vary depending on how much of the person you wish to show as being out of the water.

Then go to File > New > Edit > Paste

Your cut selection will now be a separate image.

Step 3 - Flipping The Image


Othis new image go to

Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Canvas Vertical.

This will turn the image upside down.

Now go to Select > All Edit > Copy and on your original image go to Edit > Paste

Step 4 - The Clone Stamp


Click on your Clone Stamp Tool and the bottom layer of your image. After choosing the area you wish to clone, make a new layer above your second layer and start cloning over that layer. Make sure that the bottom half gets covered completly.

Step 5 - Layer Properties


On the third layer change the layer opacity so that just a bit of the second layer is showing. And there you have it! A reflection in water.

Step 6 - Final Touches


I cut my image so that there wasn't anything extra on the left hand side, fiddled around in Photoshop and changed some lighting and I was all done.