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Realistic Slime in Photoshop

Author: Nalif

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You've just finished an awsome scene with tons of cool aliens in it, but they just don't look slimey enough? Then this tutorial is for you. This is an easy method that you can use to create slime, and best of all, you can use any of your existing brushes for it!


Step 1 - Creating the style

For this tutorial, we'll be creating a photoshop style that will turn brush strokes into slime. To start with, open up a blank image with a transparent background. Once you have your blank image, double click on layer1 to bring up the layer style dialog. Once open, check the following boxes.


Step 2 - Adjusting the Drop Shadow settings

Now that you have the main features for the style checked, it's time to fine tune them to give us the slime-look. Here are the settings for Drop Shadow.


Step 3 - Adjusting the Inner Shadow settings

Enter the following values into the Inner Shadows tab. Make sure you set the blend mode to overlay.


Step 4 - Adjusting the Inner Glow settings

Enter the following values into the Inner Glow tab.


Step 5 - Bevel and Emboss

These are the settings you'll enter for the Bevel and Emboss tab.


Step 6 - Color Overlay

And finally, the values for the color overlay. The color is purely up to you, but I find that this color works very well. Of course, if your going to be using this for dripping water instead of slime, the color shown won't work.


Step 7 - Using your style

You are now done with your style. The only thing left to do is to draw some slime, and apply the style to it. To do this, create a new layer. Leave it transparent. Use the brush tool, and draw drips in flat black like so:


Once you have your basic outline, simply click on the style located in the styles swatch, and you should have your slime like so:


Step 8 - Stand back and be amazed at your art


With this technique you can do slime quickly and easily. I used this technique to do the slime you see in this picture. As a final step, you may want to add a blur to the slime. In the above picture I used a blur more filter.

I hope this tutorial helped you. Go now, and fill your galleries with lots of slime and be happy.