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Quickie morphs in Photoshop cs

Author: ironsun

Tools Needed

  • Rendered image
  • Photoshop with liquefy filter


Sometimes trying to get that exact appearance to figure using morph dials doesn't lead to the wanted solution. You got the most of the face to look like what you wanted but there is still some things missing. And with some models like Don here, there just isn't enough morphs to give him that special feel. I've one tip to share how to turn him or any other to totally something different. All you need is Rendered image and Photoshop with the Liquefy filter.


Step 1 - The Render

All right, let's begin! Here is Don straight from poser. I've saved it in PNG format to have it on transparent layer making future adjustments easier. I tweaked his dials a bit to outline the features that I'm thinking to do. Those slightly pointed ears suggest that I'm moving towards some elvish type of guy.


This step is also good point to clean up image correcting pokethroughs, oddly shaped joints and so on. I've to correct only that pesky white dot on Don's right eye lid. And then is the time to..

Step 2 - Liquefy


Select Filters- > Liquefy.

Your image will appear in new window with different kinds of tools and sliders. We'll be focusing on circled

In circle 1 first tool is Forward warp that is the tool which will be used as the “morph tool”. Second one in the circle is Reconstruct tool that reverts the effect of the warp tool. Meaning that if you do something that you don't like, use reconstruct to go back to the original image.

In circle 2 is sliders to adjust size and pressure of the tools. If you need more subtle and small effects, lower the sliders and when in need of extreme shapes, increase them.

Step 3 - Cat Guy Don


Look! Don has new ears!

By using warp tool in size 49 and pressure 64, I pulled the ears farther away. And using smaller brush, I pushed some parts of the ears to create some dents. Maybe he is some kind of warrior…

And notice how nicely original texture stretches into new shapes. With Don's default morphs this would be impossible to do!

Step 4 - Rest of the face


By following general shapes of Don's face, I begin carefully morph/warp his features. Use large brush size to morph larger areas and smaller to change details like eyes and mouth. To change eyes' size and shape use large brush with low pressure and stroke gently eyelid upwards or downward depending on your taste and needs. With low pressure changes to eye blends more better to rest of the face.

And if something doesn't look the way you like, just use reconstruct tool undo changes and morph again.

Step 5 - Final touch ups

Don't look now something that he's never looked like! I've added Don the Cat Guy some battle scars and a background. I made some modifications to his eyes to make him look more mysterious. He is still bald but I'm planning to give him some flowing hair to be proud of in next tutorial, so check back for more fun!


I hope that you liked this different approach to morphing characters. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me :)

We'll be seeing Cat Guy Don again in my Thick Flowing Hair tutorial. Until then, enjoy!