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Painting a Quick and Easy Rope in Photoshop

Author: kaleya3D

Tools Needed

* Photoshop

* A tablet or mouse

Step 1: Preparing to Paint the Rope


First choose the image you want to add your rope to and open it in Photoshop. I chose a render of a horse that I want to paint a rope halter on. I will be using this image for the tutorial.

Step 2: Painting the Rope


From your brushes palette choose a hard round brush of an appropriate dimension to paint the shape of your rope. I used a 30pixel hard round brush for my halter. In your brush presets settings turn shape dynamics off for best results. See attached image.

Choose a light to medium brown color from your paint palette. You may choose any color you wish for your rope but for this tutorial I was attempting to create a natural looking rope and so chose medium brown.

Create a new layer to paint your rope on. We do not want to paint on our main image in case we mess up and need to start over.

Using your brush, paint in the general shape that you want your rope to take. In my example I have painted the shape of a halter around my horse.

Step 3: Adding Definition to the Rope


From your tools palette choose the burn tool. In the brushes Palette choose a very small hard, round brush appropriate to your rope size. I chose a 5pixel brush. Set your burn settings to Shadows, 5%. In your brush presets check shape dynamics on.

Using the burn brush paint in shadows on your rope in a spiral shape to simulate the twisted braiding of the rope as seen in image 2. Do this over the whole rope trying to keep the shadows evenly spaced.

Step 4: Adding Highlights to the Rope


Choose the dodge tool from your tool palette. Choose a hard, round brush approximately 10 pixels smaller than the brush you used to paint the rope. I chose a 20 pixel hard, round brush. Turn shape dynamics off in the Brush Presets Palette.

Set your dodge settings to Highlights, 4%. Use your dodge brush and paint over the center area of the rope in between the shadows that you created earlier with the burn brush. Do this to give your rope a slightly rounded appearance. If you find you have over-dodged you can go to edit > fade dodge tool and lower the amount of dodging.

Step 5: Adding shadows


Once again choose your burn tool from the tools palette. This time we will be using a hard round brush approximately one third the size of the brush you used to paint your rope. I used a 12 pixel hard round brush in my example. Set the burn tool to shadows, 5%.

Using the burn tool gently burn around the outer edges of the rope. You may need to play with the settings a bit to achieve your desired results. I find that between 3 and 5 % works best for me. If you find your shadows are too dark you can use edit > fade burn tool to decrease them.

Step 6: Finishing up


For the final step go to filter > noise > add noise. Use the following settings ( refer to the image if you are uncertain )




Apply this filter to your rope. There you have it. A quick and easy rope for your images.

Step 7: Finished image


Here is what the rope should look like.