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How to use Adams Art and Toon Actions in Photoshop Elements



Tools Needed

* Adobe Photoshop Elements 1 2 or 3

* Adams Art Actions and/or Toon Actions


I finally found out how to get Adams wonderful toon actions to work. I believe this will work with any actions premade for Photoshop 6, 7, CE but for the purpose of this tutorial I am only working with Adams Art and Toon Actions.


Step 1 - Creating Folders


Open the Effects folder (Photoshop elements-Previews-Effects) and Create a new folder called Toon Actions (Art Actions for those that are using the art one or both folders if you are going to use both)

Take the toon (art) actions that you purchased and unzip into their corresponding folder (that you just made)

Step 2 - Making display file


An important step, open elements and create a new file 64 pixels by 64 pixels, name it EXACTLY the same as the name of your action. Consider this a TN for your Actions.

Create an image you want to represent each action and save it as a .PSD file in the same folder as the action it is going to be a TN for.

Step 3 - Cache removal


Ok Most Important step Close PSE and take your cache folder (Photoshop Elements-Previews-Cache), yes the whole folder and trashcan it. Then empty the trash can. (Very important step to have elements recognize your new actions)

Step 4 - Location of newly found friends


Open Elements. It will recreate your cache folder now recognizing the actions you have just installed. You can find them in the 'Effects' tab.

Step 5 - Have fun!

Open the image you want to play with and use the effect you want.

I hope this helps people enjoy Adams wonderful actions!

Step 6 - Special notes and Credits

Note: the PSE that I have is Photoshop Elements 1.0.1. This tutorial should work for Elements Version 1-3 have not tested later versions.

*For every time you add a new action in this fashion you must delete your cache so that PSE can recognize the new Actions added.

*ATM there is a slight bug in the actions overlapping each other. If you Step backwards (control Z) once the action is done applying you should be able to get back to the action you want.

Thanks to for their assistance in this! And Much thanks to AdamWright!

Toon Actions is created by AdamWright and is sold at


Art Actions is created by AdamWright and is sold at