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How to create fairie wings with photoshop

Author: Carole

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop


You want to create your own wings, with a glowing effect, and you want to choose colours and shape of your wings ?

With this very easy tutorial you will learn to create shiny and colourful fairy wings with Photoshop.


Step 1 - Drawing the wings


Open a new document 500×500 px, and fill it with black.

Create a layer and draw your wings with the brush tool of 1 px large, with the color you choose for your future wings.

Step 2 - Create symmetrical wings


You do not need to draw the complete pair of wings, just draw one side, then select your wing, copy and paste.

Use the manual transformation tool, select the wings, choose “horizontal axis” and slide the layer to fit to the first wings.

flatten your wings (left and right) in order to obtain one pair a wing on the same layer.

Step 3 - Fill with color


Fill your wings with the color of your choice.

Step 4 - Make the wings "ethereal"

Play with opacity of layer with wings, I select 20% on my example.

Step 5 - Make them glowing

Open “layer option” and select “inner glow”, and then “outer glow”. Choose the right parameters to fit your tastes.

Step 6 - Adding shiny little stars


Create a new layer, and use the brush tool (smooth) and draw some small withe dots randomly upon the wings.

Apply an outer glow (choose the parameters you like) upon the dots layer.

Choose opacity and size, and don't hesitate to play with various combinations to get the perfect result.

Step 7 - More sparkles and glow


Repeat step six, changing the color and size of the new dots.

Apply an outer glow again, and play with opacity and size etc…(on my example I select a 50 % size for the outer glow)

Step 8 - Give an ethereal look to your fairy wings

In order to attenuate the outline of the wings, you may reduce the opacity a bit more, until you are satisfied.

And here it is! You now have a glowing pair of fairy wings !

You can play with shapes, colors, intensity of the glow, and you will obtain many different wings, always shiny and twinkling.

You may create the wings directly upon your rendered picture, adding layers, or you may create them apart from you render, and then add the result on your render.

Personally I find it easier to make them directly on the render, you can fit the wings exactly to your character.

Good luck !