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Fur in Photoshop

Author: Firebirdz

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop
  • Mouse or Drawing Tablet (recommended)


Ok, you have rendered your furry animal, yet the fur still looks smooth. How can you enhance the image to make it more furry without using plugins? Here are some simple steps to improve the fur effect through postwork and to even add “character” to your animal.


Step 1 - Duplicating the Layer


I rendered the DAZ HouseMouse in Poser but felt that the fur looked too smooth. I wanted to give this critter some character.

I first made a duplicate layer and saved the file. Always work with the duplicate layer so that you can go back to the original if you want to restart. Remember to save snapshots along the way in your History palette.

Step 2 - Pull out that Fur!


Using the Smudge Tool, I used the following settings: one pixel brush, mode set to Darken, Strength/Intensity between 90 - 98%.

I also made sure that shape dynamics and other dynamics was selected. (see image below)


I then proceeded to pull out the fur using brush strokes in the direction the fur is going out of the body.

Step 3 - Final Result


Here is the Final Result! Isn't he cute ?

Step 4 - Creating Fur on Clothes


You can use the same technique to create Pom Poms or Even Fur on Clothes.

Let's start with a simple pink slip dress and proceed to add fur to the chest area.

Step 5 - Using the Dodge Tool


I started with the Dodge tool with the following settings: one pixel brush, Range set to Highlights and Exposure set to 45%. I also made sure that shape dynamics and other dynamics were also selected.

Starting with the outer areas, I then brushed in the fur using fluid strokes in the direction the fur would go. I then worked my way towards the centre.

Using the Dodge tool at this point rather than the smudge tool is necessary when the colour of the area where you want to create fur is is about the same.

Step 6 - Fluffing using the Smudge Tool


I now switched to using the smudge tool using the following settings: two pixel brush, mode set to Normal, strength/intensity between 98 - 99%. Same thing, having shape and other dynaimcs selected.

I then started pulling out the fur again, starting from the outer areas and working my way towards the centre (this allows the fur in the centre to look like it is on top).

I repeated the process using a one pixel setting.

You can later improve on the fur using the burn tool (I usually set the exposure to 20% or less) and the dodge tool by further adding highlights or shading by brushing the fur.

Here is the result.