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Give your renders some real hair

Author: Anonymous

Tools Needed

  • Paint Shop Pro 7

Step 1 - Select, copy and past

Let`s give your figure some real hair.

Find a picture with the hair you would like to use.

I used this one.


Now use your lasso tool;freehand.

And cut out the hair.then copy and past on as a new image.


Step 2 - Past on as new layer

Copy the hair again, and past is as a new layer onto your image.


Step 3 - Clean up

As you can see, we have to do some cleaning up.

Find your erase tool and remove the leftovers.

*It helps a lot to make your hair layer somewhat transparent.

Then take your retouch tool, set on soften..and soften the edges

on the outline of the hair.


On this image I also used the smudge tool to “repair”some places where

I removed some of the original hair.

And here is my image.


Step 4 - Prepare highlights

By selecting some parts of the hair and colorize it,

you can make some cool highlights.

Use your lasso tool and select the area that you want to highlight.


Then go to your menu on the top.


Step 5 - Making the highlights

You should now see your before and after picture.


As you can see on the right, the hole head turned blue.

Don`t worry about that..when you are happy with your highlights push OK

And now your highlights are within the stripes you made earlier not the hole head.


Step 6 - Adding tubes

If you want to do something different, you can add some tubes.

Free tubes can be found all over the web.

Easy way to find them is to use seach engines like google and altavista.

First go to your tubes menu.



Step 7 - The end..

I picked the white pearl first.

Then I added it to my hair using different sizes.


And here with a simple flower tube.