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Quick and Easy Postworking for PSP8

Author: DTigerWoman

Tools Needed

  • Paint Shop Pro 8


This postworking technique is so simple anyone can do it! It uses some of the simple functions in Paint Shop Pro 8 and best of all there is no painting required!


Step 1 - Pick an Image


First you need an image to work with. You may use the image provided here if you need it for the purpose of this tutorial. This is just a simple render but can be used on any of your images.

Step 2 - Softening


Choose “Adjust”, “Softness”, “Soft Focus” as shown above.

Step 3 - Softening Settings


Use the settings shown here. If you feel the softness takes too much detail from your image you can play with the settings until you are happy. Click “Ok” when you get a nice result.

Step 4 - Duplicate the layer


Next duplicate the layer by clicking “Layers”, “Duplicate” as shown here.

Step 5 - Layer overlay


Next, on the right side of your screen in the layer palette change “Normal” to “Overlay”.

Step 6 - Layer opacity


Change the layer opacity to about 18%. You can use other properties to get some other interesting affects.

Step 7 - Results


Your resulting image “if you used the one provided” will look something like the image above. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!