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Poser Figure to PSP9 Tube

Author: mommastacie

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Paint Shop Pro

Support Files


Tubing your Poser figures is easy when you learn the secret of Alpha Channels. The wonderful people at Curious Labs have designed Poser so that an Alpha Channel is included when saving as a .tif/.tiff file. This little addition makes a huge difference when you want to tube your figure for tags, web sets, and such.


Step 1 - Saving your character with an Alpha Channel

When your character is complete in Poser, Render it into a new window. My preferred settings are 1500px on the longest end, Anti-aliased, 200px resolution. Click File and Save As. Choose .Tif/TIFF as the file format. This adds the Alpha Channel you'll need later.



Step 2 - Preparing your image for tubing in PSP9

Open the image you just saved into PSP. Make sure your Layers Palette is open and right click on the Background Layer. Choose Promote Background Layer from the list. This will allow for the transparent background.


Step 3 - Removing the background


Click Selections, then Load/Save Selection. Choose Load Selection from Alpha Channel.


Make sure the name of your image is highlighted in the “Load from document” box and you should see a black and white image resembling the one you're tubing named Alpha Channel 1. Click Load. Go to Image and Crop to Selection (or use Shift + R). You shold now have your image sans background.


Step 4 - Saving your Tube

Depending on how you'll want to use the tube you're creating, you can save it two ways.


To save directly into Paint Shop Pro as a Tube, Click Image, Export, and Picture Tube. That's it. Your tube willbe in the list of Picture Tubes for you to use as you wish.

To save a tube so you can share it or use it in Paint Shop Pro 8 or below, click Image and Save As. Choose Paint Shop Pro Image. The suffix will show up as .pspimage. Change it to .psp and click options. Make sure the Compatibility option says Paint Shop Pro 5. That will make your image compatible with all versions of PSP. Make sure you add a 2nd layer with your copyright information if you're planning on sharing the .psp file or making it available for download.

That's all there is to it. Your Poser figures now have a new home.