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Paint on jewelry in Paint Shop Pro 7

Author: LunaL

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Paint Shop Pro 7


Quick and easy way to paint in jewels by hand in Paint Shop Pro 7 after rendering


Step 1 - Adding sparkle


Now, this image looks kinda booring..with just the tiara as only jewel.

Let`s do something about that..Let`s paint it on.

Well, first I actually finish the Tiara by adding a sparkle tube.


Step 2 - Paint the jewels

Then I just use a paintbrush (both 1 and 2pixels)and I paint where I want my jewels to be.


Then go to:Effects;texture effects;sculpture.In this case I choose Silver.

Now play around with the parameters to get the resolte you want.

This is how mine turned out.


Step 3 - Add a tube

To add some more “spice” you can also add some jewelry tubes.

Here I have tried two.

A Pearl


And a yellow diamond(or something)