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Easy Painted Effect In PSP8

Author: DTigerWoman

Tools Needed

  • Paint Shop Pro 8


This is an easy postworking technique that will make your images appear to be painted, even if nothing was painted!


Step 1 - Getting Started


Open the image you wish to use.

Next click “Layers” “Duplicate” as shown above.

Step 2 - Blend Mode

Change the blend mode of your duplicated layer to “Color (Legacy)” by clicking “Layers” “Properties” as shown below.

*Note: You won't notice any change yet ;o)



Step 3 - Soft Light

Make your background layer active again.

Duplicate the background layer again.

Change the blend mode of this layer to “Soft Light”



Step 4 - Edge Effects

Still having your “Soft Light” layer active click “Effects” “Edge Effects” “Trace Contour” as shown here.


Step 5 - Overlay

Next make your Background layer active again. Duplicate this layer once more.

Click “Layers” “Arrange” “Move Up” to move it up one layer.

Change the properties of this layer to “Overlay” as shown here.


Step 6 - Layer Palette


You will now have 4 layers in your layer palette as shown here.

Step 7 - Softening

You may now merge your layers “Layers” “Merge” “Merge All (Flatten)”

If you have hair or clothing that has some rough edges you can easily fix this by using the soften tool. The size of the soften tool depends on the portion of the image you need to soften. The brush used for the soften tool is the “+Default” brush with different settings. For this image I used the following settings and lightly brushed over the area I needed to soften in the hair.



Step 8 - Congrats!


Congrats! You've completed this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it and find it useful ;o)