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Converting PSD Files To Paint Shop Pro Brushes

Author: BrokenWings

Tools Needed

  • Paint Shop Pro 8


This is a very simple tutorial on how to convert PSD files to Jasc Paint Shop Pro Brushes.


First thing you need to do is open a PSD file.

I am using 72 Brushes for Photoshop - eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hair by Lisbeth. You can get them at


They were in abr format for PS7 and Lisbeth was kind enough to send me them in PSD format so I could convert and use them.



The PSD format has 9 layers, 1 being a black background and the rest with the tips and a transparent background. Click on the top layer and open the eye so that it isn't invisible.

Make sure all the other layers are invisible except for the bottom one.

Using your selection tool, draw a rectangle around the first brush.


Go to edit/Copy then Edit/Paste As New Image. You will now have a transparent image.

Now you have to go to Adjust/Negative Image. Which will turn your brush tip black instead of white so you can see it.


Next go to Image/Greyscale

Now your brush is ready to save.

Step 3 - SAVING

To save your brush, go to File/Export/Custom Brush..


A screen called Create Brush Tip will pop up. Add your name of the brush, click OK and it is saved.


1 rule of Thumb with PSP8, a brush tip can not be any bigger then 500×500. If it is, Paint Shop Pro will tell you so you can resize just a little if needed.

Do step 2 and 3 on each tip and layer.



You can do this with anything you would like to make a brush tip out of as long as it is in PSD format or even psp format.

If you like the effects of some of the Photoshop Brushes, you can now use them in Paint Shop Pro too. Just before you buy the Photoshop Brushes, make sure the person will send you a copy of these brushes in PSD format so you can convert them for PSP.

Happy Brush Making!