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Fitting M2 Clothes to M3 with the Tailor

Author: FyreSpiryt

Tools Needed

  • The Tailor
  • Michael 3

Support Files


There are lots of great clothes for Michael 2 that we\'d like to keep using now that Michael 3 is out. Luckily, we can use the Tailor to convert clothes. This time you won\'t even need a special “mannequin” figure; I'll show you how to make one in Poser.


Step 1 - Importing the Michael 2 to Michael 3 object

First, open Poser and delete any default figures that are loaded.

Now go to File- > Import- > Wavefront Obj. Select blMilMan_M3_M2.obj in the DAZPeople folder and uncheck all of the options in the Prop Import Options box, then click OK.


Step 2 - Making the Mannequin

Now that the object is loaded, go to Object- > Load Morph Target. Select blMilMan_m3.obj in the DAZPeople folder and name the morph M3.

When Poser is done processing, save this object to the props library.

Step 3 - Using the Tailor

Now load the prop you just made into The Tailor. PP2 files aren't an option in the Open dialog, but you can make it look for your new prop by typing *.pp2 into the text field and clicking OK.

Once the mannequin is loaded, select the M3 morph you made in step two and check the “Morphs selected are like one full body morph” option.


Now load the clothing item you want to convert, run The Tailor as usual, and save the clothing item under a new name.

Step 4 - Setting joint parameters

Load the new clothing item into Poser, and apply the “M3 JPs-Centers” pose that's included as one of the support files of this tutorial. This pose changes the joint centers, but doesn't affect the fall-off zones; this method tends to work better on loose clothing.

Now test the item by loading Mike 3 into the scene, conforming the clothing to him, and setting the full body morph the Tailor made to 1. If the clothing works fine, you're done. If not, you can try to edit the joint parameters yourself, or apply the “M3 JPs-All” pose. The “M3 JPs-All” pose will change all of the joint parameters, which will more closely match Mike but may have odd effects on looser clothes.

Step 5 - Finishing up


Now just save the clothing item to your Poser library, and it's ready to use! You can add further morphs in The Tailor by treating it as you would any other clothing item, or you can use it right away on the default Mike 3.