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Shining Body parts

Author: Mallex

Tools Needed

  • Image-Ready
  • Photoshop

Step 1 - Go!


Open up a picture where you want to add this effect to. I used a Sith Trooper with a Diecast Metal Armor from STARWARS KotOR!

Step 2 - Select


Select the part you want to shine, and copy it onto a new layer.

Step 3 - Add gradient


Create a new layer above the (in my case) shoulder-part and add the gradient like image 3.

Step 4 - BLACK and WHITE


Make it look like this with the default colors BLACK and WHITE.

Step 5 - Position


Then position the gradient layer as shown.

Step 6 - Image-ready


Hop onto Image-ready and press the button shown.

Step 7 - 1st frame


Make the 1st frame have a palette on the left, and the 2nd frame on the right shown on image 8.

Step 8 - Last step!


Press the tween-button and set the options shown.

Step 9 - The end!


Here is the final pic at

Happy posering!