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Fitting unconforming clothes in a simple 2D photo editor!

Author: Hyperknux

Tools Needed

  • Any product that doesn't conform properly
  • Image editing software that handles layers


Here is a fairly easy way to make clothes that don't conform to your figure look like it does in still images, using basic photo editing tools. Layers and the eraser tool is all that's needed!


Step 1 - Render 1!


First, put together you're work, and note the places that 'go into each other'. (Look at her right breast in the above picture)

Render your image and save it to a folder. Look at the image to make sure you're not missing any colliding figures in the finished render. Also make sure you name it something with a '1' or something showing that this was the first render. I would suggest going with the Poser5 default name “Render 1”.

Step 2 - Render 2!


Now that you have rendered the first image, the second one is needed. Click on the object/figure part that is showing through another and go to the properties tab. Uncheck 'visible'. (in this case, it was her right shoulder. The idea is to remove the object that shows through.)

Render, and save into the same folder as the first render. Again, I suggest using the default render name, “Render 2”. Or at least make an easy distinction between your first and second render.

Step 3 - Layer and erase!


Alright! Now, go into any photo editor that has a layer and eraser tool. (MS paint will not work!)

Import both renders into the same canvas and place render 2 underneath render 1. Zoom into the area that is 'showing through' and use the magical eraser and erase it! (Seriously, it almost looks like a magic eraser tool is being used. ^_^ )

Note: The above image only shows it half erased, so you can see and understand it better, but once you're done, you'll get the same result as the introduction picture!

File > Save as… the image in what quality and file format you desire. (In Macromedia Fireworks a better way is file > export preview.) Once saved, the final picture is done and you got yourself a “Aiko in Veronica armor”!