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Create speed lines with Manga Studio

Author: perfy

Tools Needed

  • Manga studio ex 3.0


Manga studio is a wonderful comic program. This tutorial will show you how to create speed line effect.

Step 1 - Create a new page and Import image

Choose File/New/Page to create a new page.


Then choose File/2DLT Import to come to the window below. Set as shown. (You can follow the tutorial here: Create Comic Effects from Any Picture with Manga Studio


Step 2 - Create the Ruler Layer

You can set the settings as below.


Step 3 - Create ruler


Then Choose File/Preferences and set the setting as below or set as you like.



Step 4 - Continue

You can set the ruler center as below.

Press “Q” on your keyboard to move your “ruler center” to the place your mouse stays.

Press “A” on your keyboard to circumsphere your ruler widdershins.

Press “S” on your keyboard to circumgyrate your ruler deasil.

Then you can draw with the pen tool along the ruler and the lines will always follow the ruler. And then circumgyrate your ruler and draw again and again.



I hope this tutorial will help you!!^-^