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Ceramic Tile Style

Author: perfy

Tools Needed

  • DAZ Studio BETA v
  • DS Base Content
  • The GIMP(You can get it at for free)


Now new DAZ Studio (version is available!And we could get the wonderful DS Base Content for free.With this perfect pack, we can make more good works.This tutorial will give you some suggestions about making ceramic tile style.

And you'd better take a minute to have a look at the tutorial "A Basic Visual Guide to DAZ Studio" here in the Wiki.


Step 1 - Make pictures in DAZ Studio

After taking a few minutes to have a look at the tutorial “A Basic Visual Guide to DAZ Studio” here, you can make your basic pictures using DAZ Studio.


You may render the picture like the one below.


Step 2 - Come to GIMP

Now come to GIMP.Open your picture in GIMP and choose Filters/Noise/Noisify to add noise.


Step 3 - Lightening

Choose Light effects/Lighting effects and set the options as below.Also the set is only for reference.You may set it as you think is proper.


Step 4 - Complete

You may get the result as below.


And you can do some further works.