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Lathe A fountain In Cinema

Author: DarkSun

Tools Needed

  • Cinema 4D R6 or higher


Ok this tutorial will show you a way that you may create a fountain in Cinema 4D using a simple spline, and a lathe deformer.


Step 1 - Camera View


When you first launch Cinema the viewport will be set to perspective (the camera)

You will want to have it to front. Do this by going to cameras and scroll down to front.

Step 2 - The Spline


Ok now from the top menu right next to the cube you will see the draw spline option (like image above)Click on the icon and choose “Draw B Spline”. Now we will give some shape to what will soon be our fountain.

Step 3 - Shaping the Object


Now the shape you draw is very important here, but experimentation gives various results.

Also you want an “open” shape, not “closed”. The image above is what i came up with.

Step 4 - Giving Depth

Here comes the fun part, it will take shape. We will now add a Lathe Nurbs object.

To do this you can go to where you see the “Hyper Nurbs”. Click on the icon and choose “Lathe Nurbs”

* if you do not know where this is just scroll over menu items and it will show the name at the bottom

Step 5 - Extrusion


Still nothing!!?? Well we will need to now drag the spline object onto the Lathe Nurb Object.

So now you should see it has taken form, *if not make sure that spline is attached to Lathe object.

* Also switch back to perspective view

(the camera view)

Step 6 - Missing Something

It looks OK but i believe it needs a bottom don't you? Ok select the Lathe Object and now click on make editable. Which can be found bellow the undo button.

Step 7 - A Base


Now with that done we can manipulate polygons. Go down to the polygon tool which is found in the toolbar (it's the seventh icon). And also choose the live selection tool, which is the pointer icon that is beside the magnify glass. And now select the bottom row of polygons.

(you can rotate the viewport and hold down shift to add the polygons to the selection)

Step 8 - Shaping The Bottom


Next right click on any of the polygons and choose from the menu “Extrude”.

You will want to extrude it outward not inward. Also do not make to much of a big extrusion.

Step 9 - Optional

Now you are basically done except that the mesh is a bit rough.

Now you may notice the smoothing tag (it has a + and sphere bellow) double click on this.

Now click on the box that is to the left of “Angle Limit”, it should now be checked. This is a tag that all you need to know is it will smooth the mesh. Also you may want to add a cylinder and resize it to fit the center of the fountain. Since there is a hole, not very good for holding water ;)