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Rendering Poser Figures in Carrara Studio

Author: thedanman

Tools Needed

  • Carrara Studio (Any Version)
  • Poser OBJ and texture maps


If you don't have DAZ Studio or Poser but you've found yourself with an old copy of Eovia's / Metacreation's Carrara Studio (1.1-3), you're in luck, because you can do all your Poser file rendering from within Carrara Studio - No plug-ins required! Here are a few quick and easy steps to import, texture, and render!


Step 1 - Importing Your Figure


From the file menu within Carrara Studio, select import and locate your OBJ file from your runtime/geometries folder of the poser character you want to import. Click okay through the import settings and you should find yourself with a nice gray wireframe in your work window.

Step 2 - Texture Your Figure's Head


First find a convenient camera angle to view your character within your working plane and click to select the head of your model. You will need to use two textures - one for the head, and one of the body. After selecting the head, switch into the texturing window.


For your color, select texure map and locate the head texture of your poser figure, tweak any other settings as you wish for visual effect

Step 3 - Texture Your Figure's Body


To texture the body, switch back to your camera view and select any part of the body.


Before switching into the texture mode however - switch your object's shader to a distinct one, for example “Default” which you will remember to use to apply the rest of the texture to the body (this will save you the time of individually setting each body part to the body texture map)


Go into the texture mode and set your color to the texture map of the body of your figure - calibrate any additional settings according to your liking.

Step 4 - Applying Your Shader


Locate your bottom pane drag out window and confirm in your shaders list that your Default shader has been applied correctly - if not, click on the shader box and adjust the settings to reflect your body texture. When you are finished switch back into your camera window.


Open your shaders pane (bottom pane) up from your camera view and drag your body shader (I used “default”) onto the various parts of your Poser figure - a green highlighted box will bound the part of the body you are selecting. The correct texture part will be applied according to the geometries


The eyes are a little trickier, for some reason Carrara doesn't pick up on the texture map for the eyes - but no worries a simple work around is to use a square eye texture and map the eye using flat mapping and selecting the direction your model's eye is oriented.

Step 5 - Import Your Hair


Add some hair to your figure by simply repeating the steps of importing your hair OBJ, and texturing like the body and head, except using the hair texture (or whatever texture you want) for the color mapping. You can scale and place your hairpiece on your poser figure - I enabled collision detection from the menu to help me snugly scale the hair onto her head.

Step 6 - Final Render


After you have completed these steps - find a nice camera angle, render, and voila! Poser a la Carrara!